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Synonyms for guanine

a purine base found in DNA and RNA

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Analysis of the Gly389Arg polymorphism was performed by BcgI, which was obtained from Bacillus coagulans where the substitution of cytosine with guanine formed a cutting region on DNA.
Three of the four bases found in DNA (adenine, guanine, and cytosine) also occur in RNA.
The observed spectral changes are attributed to curcumin interaction (indirectly through H-bonding) with the guanine N-7 atoms and to a lesser extent with thymine O-2 atoms that are not normally involved in Watson-Crick hydrogen bonding network.
Simply stated we connect the two heterocyclic bases of DNA specifically at the O6 atoms of two guanines with an alkyl linker using a procedure known as the Mitsunobu reaction.
SCEM Guanine Adenine Acetate Phosphate Acetate Phosphate Polymeric film buffer buffer buffer buffer Poly-2-aminophenol 0.
Comparisons of the sequences of the four bases--adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine--are used to identify genetic differences among living creatures from bacteria to humans.
The bird poo is said to be packed with the enzyme guanine, which is claimed to repair "tortured", dull skin.
A substitution of cytosine for guanine, also located in VD 1, resulted in Gln instead of Glu at amino acid position 117, as found in genotype B and strain 6BC (numbering according to the ompA amino acid sequence of the C.
1), but at least one coil can be observed interiorly, as a distortion beneath the abdominal integument, which is devoid of white guanine pigmentation.
The incorporation of pyrazolopyrimidine bases into nucleic acid probes and primers in place of the normal guanine (G) base allows the development of diagnostic assay reagents that can target sequences intractable to normal probes and primers.
Furthermore, an in vivo study showed significant health benefit for 14 subjects treated for 4 weeks with the unique C-Med-100/mushroom extract formulation in that they had reduced pain, reduced fatigue, weight loss and a reduced presence of DNA damage in peripheral blood assessed by (8-OH) guanine DNA adducts and elevation in serum protein thiols.
This technique uses a mediatoramplified guanine oxidation mechanism based on the use of the inherent guanine bases in target DNA molecules as the signal moieties.
Also called DAPD, this guanine analogue appears to be effective against viruses resistant to zidovudine and lamivudine, according to a relatively small phase I/II study.
Nucleic acids such as genomic DNA are composed of long strings of the bases Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine (A, C, G and T) held together by a backbone in a double strand formation in which Adenine is always paired with Thymine and Cytosine with Guanine.
The temperature at which the DNA fragment denatures, or separates into its individual strands, depends upon the length, sequence, and guanine cytosine (GC) nucleotide content of the fragment.
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