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wild llama

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De esta forma, el cumulo de datos obtenidos para el sitio MAU085 es clave para abordar y comprender por primera vez el aprovechamiento integral del guanaco en un contexto de cazadoresrecolectores del interior del Norte Semiarido durante el Arcaico Tardio.
Reference ranges for physiological data values of alpaca (Lama pacos), llama (Lama glama) and guanaco (Lama guanicoe).
Hallamos 334 carcasas de guanaco pero solo 118 eran suficientemente frescas para evaluar causa de muerte.
The guanaco is widely distributed and abundant in southern South America, although its populations have been reduced to 40% of their original geographical range since contact with Europeans (Franklin, 1982; Cunazza et al.
LN), a Latin American oil and gas explorer and producer with interests in Chile and Argentina, has completed drilling and testing of a new oil well in the Guanaco oil field on the Fell Block in Chile.
To which animal family do the South American Heidi Klum - see Question 7 guanaco and vicu[+ or -]a belong?
De las especies silvestres, vicuna y guanaco, la mas importante es la vicuna que aporta fibra de excepcional calidad y cuyo aprovechamiento esta regulado.
Walk along the paddock section to see the young vicuna and photograph our latest arrivals - their close relations, the guanaco.
Ms Ballington said: "Roy bought our first guanaco as a present for me five years ago.
Four camelid species populate the Andean highlands: the wild vicuna and guanaco and the domesticated llama and alpaca.
Bluetongue affects sheep, cattle, deer, goats and camelids - camels, llamas, alpacas, guanaco and vicuna.
El popular cuadro guanaco se medira a los Houston Galaxticos, en un duelo inedito que espera despertar las mas altas emociones entre los aficionados cuscatlecos.
Robin Pratt, a livestock farmer in Pembrokeshire who farms South American Guanaco, first joined CCW in 1997.
Herds of guanaco were so numerous that the wildebeest herds of Africa pale in comparison, and they shared the arid landscape with horses that had evolved on the continent and with vast numbers of flightless birds such as the rhea.
Iolo travelled to the Torres del Paine National Park with condor expert Eduardo Pavez to learn about the condor, the puma and the guanaco and their close relationship of dependency.