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antihypertensive drug (trade name Wytensin) that reduces blood pressure by its effect on the central nervous system

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Having provided the proof of principle that serine/threonine phosphatases are drug targets, we aim to investigate the detailed molecular mechanism by which guanabenz selectively inhibits PPP1R15A/GADD34, using a combination of biophysical and structural approaches (Aim 3).
1 mg/24 hr Q7 days (TTS) Doxazosin (*) Cardura 1 mg QD or QHS Guanabenz (*) Wytensin 4mg BID Guanadrel Hylorel 5 mg BID Guanethidine (*) Ismelin 10 mg QD Guanfacine (*) Tenex 1 mg QHS Mecamylamine Inversine 2.
4 Percentage of patients who receive the centrally acting drug guanabenz for the treatment of Hypertension
In contrast, among the imidazoline and guanidine agonists (rank order potency was dexmedetomidine > oxymetazoline > clonidine > UK-14303 and guanabenz > guanfacine, respectively, see figures below), only UK-14303 was a full agonist.
Traces of Guanabenz and 16b Hydroxy-Stanozol showed up in the endurance horses during postcompetition checks conducted by Sheikh Mohammed's staff in the United Arab Emirates last week, following two races in the country.
for the generic pharmaceutical product guanabenz acetate in 4mg and 8mg tablets.
In addition, the Company began shipping three new products, including clobetasol ointment, clobetasol cream and guanabenz tablets, during the three-month period.