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large spiny tropical fruit with tart pulp related to custard apples

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At Wild Guanabana, you can tailor-make your own trip to any of the countries on offer.
Launched in 2009 by famed Egyptian mountaineer and adventure traveler, Omar Samra, Wild Guanabana is founded on the belief that travel itself can transform people's lives.
While Wild Guanabana now focuses more on selling its distinctive journeys, Samra says he tries to reinforce the environmental angle too.
Further trips led to Samra's founding of Wild Guanabana two-and-a-half years ago and it has since gone from strength to strength.
Made with exotic, powerful super foods including pomegranate to clarify, agai berry for anti-aging, lychee to replenish and guanabana to firm, the waters are designed to boost water's natural hydrating properties for optimal skin care benefits.
Or perhaps you are a sophisticated gourmet who delights in making "fusions" or "sushi" and whose holiday menu includes a grilled charmoula quail, accompanied by black-eyed pea fritters with hot pepper relish, followed by guanabana sherbet with tropical fruit and some exotic "bubbly.
We now offer 17 flavors ranging from lemon and watermelon to strawberry and guanabana, with capacity for 200 tons per month.
Fruit juices Ethnic shops stock juices of fruits such as lychee, guava and guanabana.
The vivid new design, which features on packs of Mango, Passionfruit, Guava, Lychee & Guanabana Juice Drinks, in Tetra Brik Aseptic One Litre with SlimCap and 288ml single-serve cartons, reflects Rubicon's unrivalled range of real exotic fruit drinks.
It also features a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables, including plantains, cherimoya, guanabana, tomatillos, palm hearts, yams and malangas.
The introduction of Taino/Arawak indigenisms such as aji, cabuya, and guanabana, and Africanisms such as name, cachimbo, and feferes speak to historical contact, and continued innovations in the lexicon attest to the vitality of the language, and to Dominicans' tendency to language play in particular:
Apparel: Benetton, Bossini, Don Algodon, Faconnable, Ferroni, G-2000, Jacadi, Lab, Levi's, Liz Clairborne, Nautica, Pepe Guanabana, Stefanel, Tarantine et Chocolat;
The Howler line includes nine flavors of sorbet: Dark Forest Chocolate, Mayan Blackberry, Rainforest Raspberry with Acai, Caribbean Cherry, Mango, Passion Fruit, Tropical Tangerine, Guava-Strawberry, Primal Scream Coffee Bean, and Guanabana.
Guanabana is an apple-like fruit from the Anona family.
Other tropical fruits are insignificant in this market, although there are some sales of fruit such as guanabana (soursop), as puree (about 15 [degrees] Brix); of acerola (6 [degrees]-8 [degrees] Brix single strength and a 25 concentrate), which has a high content of vitamin C, mainly for further processing by a company in Puerto Rico; and of coconut cream and milk.