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any of several large turkey-like game birds of the family Cracidae

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Judge Jones, who said Guan had shown "no remorse", ordered him to register as a sex offender for life.
and Huang Guan Lin hosted a ceremony to launch the new partnership.
With its bespoke setup, Guan Chaun's crawler is even able to drive sheet pile walls into hard rock and other areas that are sensitive to vibration.
If the renminbi (yuan) continues to be stable or rise sightly while yuan interest rates are higher than those of major currencies, financial operations of many companies could lead to more money inflows," Guan told a news conference.
Guan said that atmospheric rivers are the bridge between climate and West Coast snow and if scientists can predict these atmospheric patterns with reasonable lead times, they'll have a better understanding of water availability and flooding in the region.
Zhanjian Guan said that UCRG is interested to extend its activities in Pakistan and provide its services to Pakistani companies, bourses and evaluate financial products.
Yang, Guang-Hong and Xiang-Gui Guo, Wei-Wei Che, Wei Guan.
Guan said her company's buses not only had a price advantage but were also backed by good after-sales service and maintenance.
GUAN Tianlang may have made history at the Masters but his status as the youngest player in European Tour history will disappear in the Volvo China Open.
GUAN Tianlang was a revelation at The Masters - but he has only himself to blame for his slow play penalty in the second round.
SANDY LYLE reckons he struck a blow for the "old farts" by outscoring superkid Tianlang Guan at Augusta.
CHINESE golf prodigy Tianlang Guan will be back to create more history in the majors.
Tianlang Guan may still be in the classroom studying history - but his fellow countrymen reckon the kid has helped usher in a new era of his own.