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Synonyms for expectorant

a medicine promoting expectoration

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Hycofenix is the first and only combination of hydrocodone, pseudoephedrine, and guaifenesin approved by the U.
A 150ml bottle of one of the best known brands, Benylin Chesty Coughs - Non-Drowsy contains 100mg of guaifenesin and 1.
Mucinex Cold liquid combines guaifenesin and phenylephrine HCI to provide relief from cold symptoms such as nasal congestion.
long-acting expectorant properties of guaifenesin with the cough
Adams filed the lawsuit in response to Perrigo's notification that it filed a Paragraph IV Certification in connection with its Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA), which seeks FDA approval to engage in the commercial manufacture, use or sale of guaifenesin 600 mg single-ingredient, extended-release tablets (equivalent to Adams' Mucinex SE), prior to the expiration of the '252 patent.
Along with colleagues at Northwestern University, the University of North Carolina, Western Michigan Area Health Education Center, and Emory University, she queried 395 patients at three clinics that primarily serve the indigent about their understanding of labels for the following drugs: amoxicillin for pediatric use, trimethoprim, guaifenesin, felodipine, and furosemide (Ann.
22) In the absence of any clinical data, therefore, guaifenesin cannot be advocated; fortunately, this is probably a fairly benign treatment, affecting primarily the patient's wallet.
Her saliva was then collected, after being given guaifenesin, an expectorant, to increase secretions.
Oddly, having a nightcap of cough syrup containing guaifenesin is also suggested, as it thins
The belief behind this use is that guaifenesin aids in the excretion of calcium phosphate in muscles, tendons, and other tissue.
The PA examined the patient, arrived at a provisional diagnosis of viral syndrome and selected ventolin inhaler, cough syrup, Motrin, and Guaifenesin for her treatment.
Medications included prednisone (2 mg a day orally), fluticasone propionate, salmeterol xinafoate, ciprofloxacin, guaifenesin, triamterene and hydrochlorothiazide, glipizide, carisoprodol, and home [O.
At a separate inquiry, Martin Wilesmith was fined pounds 600 and All Weather was disqualified from second in the Peter Hamer Memorial Hunters' Chase at Newbury on March 5 after the gelding's urine sample showed evidence of guaifenesin, a muscle relaxant and cough mixture ingredient.
Contributing to his death, they said, was the ``toxic effect'' of ephedrine and guaifenesin - common components of over-the-counter cold medicines - and alcohol.
Aspiring Mother Premium Multivitamin, a pre-conception vitamin supplement containing Guaifenesin to reduce the thickness of cervical mucus, in order to prevent thick cervical mucus from interfering with the passage of sperm.