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Synonyms for guaiacum

medicinal resin from the lignum vitae tree

hard greenish-brown wood of the lignum vitae tree and other trees of the genus Guaiacum

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Although there are no firm guidelines for the growth rates of Guaiacum, their evergreen nature and the deposition of extractives in the wood suggest that they would be slow to mature: this provides potential challenges to AMS dating.
Seed Leguminosae Tamarindus indica (a) Fruit, flower Pithecellobium ungis-cati Seed Prosopis juliflora Seed Moraceae Ficus britonni Fruit Arecaceae Cocos nucifera (a) Flower bud Theophrastaceae Jacquinia revoluta Fruit Zygophyllaceae Guaiacum officinale Fruit (a) introduced plants.
wrightii 606 Adelia vaseyi 522 Chloroleucon ebano 448 Ehretia anacua 418 Prosopis glandulosa 306 Ziziphus obtusifolia 292 Lucaena pulverulenta 275 Karwinksia humboltiana 237 Acacia minuata 229 Parkinsonia aculeata 224 Amyris madrensis 192 Diospyros texana 169 Ulmus crassifolia 150 Castela texana 139 Phaulothamnus spinescens 135 Celtis pallida 133 guaiacum angustifolium 132 Capsicum annuum var.
Thus there was a relatively high incidence of well-to-do patients among the hospital's clientele in the years when guaiacum (or Holy Wood, widely regarded as a panacea for mal francese) was administered.
And how could learned medicine account for the fact that two of the most popular remedies, guaiacum wood imported from the New World and mercury salves, originated among unschooled empirics?
Tripteris), while thick, nearly opaque wings are found in Cliftonia, Gouania, Guaiacum, Nothofagus, and Oenothera.
Herbs such as Samento and Guaiacum have antispirochete activity.
Herbal anti-inflammatories you could try are Guaiacum, Cramp Bark, St John's Wort or Turmeric.