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winged monster with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion

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Nick Orum, Gryphon Partner and head of its Business Services Group, said "We are delighted to invest in one of the highest quality providers of project-based finance and accounting services in the U.
It is rewarding to see Tata and other parties expert in the consumer packaged goods arena recognize the end result of EOC management and Gryphon's hard work over the past few years, including the enhanced positioning of the Eight O'Clock brand, improved manufacturing, established operating infrastructure, and increased penetration into multiple distribution channels," commented Will Lynn, Partner and Head of the Gryphon Operations Resources Group.
Smith commented, "We are extremely excited about our partnership with Gryphon and Ray Marcy and have high expectations for accelerated and profitable growth for Staffing Now over the next few years.
Gryphon Networks' Integrated Compliance and Contact Management Platform Enables Siebel's Hosted Customer-Facing Solutions
Gryphon Networks was recognized for its leadership in fully integrated privacy compliance and productivity solutions for the financial services industry, as well as for its Integrated Compliance and Contact Management Platform (ICCMP), designed to automate every aspect of regulatory compliance.
However, we were so impressed by Ray Marcy, the people at Gryphon and the Nursefinders management team led by Bob Livonius that we could not help but be excited about the opportunity with them.
Gryphon Networks' ICCMP enables companies with the ability to target highly desirable prospects, launch alternative customer acquisition methods, and leverage "exemption management" technology to redirect sales efforts to a more intimate approach.
Erie Insurance is using Call Search, Gryphon Networks' Do-Not-Call compliance solution designed for businesses that need a simple-to-use, Internet-based telephone marketing compliance solution.
In addition, Nick Orum, Gryphon Partner and head of its Business Services Group, said, "We are delighted to have realized a return in excess of five times our original investment in Miller Heiman.
Kirkland & Ellis served as legal counsel to Gryphon and Update Legal for the transaction.
Gryphon Networks' ICCMP automates every aspect of regulatory compliance and customer contact management, driving alternative contact methods to reach prospects that are lost to federal and state Do-Not-Call, Do-Not-Fax, Do-Not-Mail and Do-Not-Email regulations.
Kirkland & Ellis is legal counsel to Gryphon and Eight O'Clock for the transaction.
Our business relationship with Gryphon Networks put us in a position to ensure that we efficiently and effectively comply with all DNC requirements," said David Crabtree, COO, Sales and Marketing, Westgate Resorts.
In connection with this private placement, Gryphon Gold granted registration rights to each of the investors and will use commercially reasonable efforts to prepare and file with SEC within 120 days a registration statement under the Securities Act, and to use commercially reasonable efforts to cause such registration statement to be declared effective.