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Spotted grunter Pomadasys commersonnii is an important fish species in Nigerian waters.
From streakers, grunters and fashion disa edon's pping asters to McEnroe's rant and Cliff's serenade, they are as much a part of the tournament's 125-year history as the roll call of winners and losers.
The game's top grunters include Portugal's Michelle de Brito who at 109 decibels is as loud as an aircraft taking off less than 150 yards away.
GRUNTERS SLAMMED THREE-TIME former Wimbledon champion Chris Evert has backed the move to eradicate grunting from tennis.
So I suppose Britain's two-week tennis season could be even worse - imagine the Williams' sisters, 109-decibel Michelle Larcher de Brito or a whole host of other grunters screaming 'Geronimo' after every shot.
LAURA ROBSON doesn't have a lot of time for tennis grunters - on a day that Maria Sharapova's squeals registered 103 decibels and Michelle Larcher De Brito's yelps virtually left your ears bleeding.
That evidence supported the theory that worm grunters trick worms into thinking that a hungry mole is nearby.
I watched that film Elizabeth at the weekend and lamented the fact that our politicians are pretty much toothless old grunters these days.
makes a change from Warwick with 24 grunters in a seller.
As its title indicates, it deals with every conceivable variety of pigs: boars, sows, hogs, swine, piglets, sucklings, and grunters, all imbued with human qualities and emulating all possible human actions.
No pain, no gain" echoes the credo for gung-ho grunters climbing toward the pinnacle of fitness.
We've got a great roster of grunters already creating exciting, authentic content for their fans.
Among the most famous - or, perhaps, most infamous - of these flabby-framed grunters was Mick McManus, who last week passed away at the grand old age of 93.
The WTA discussed with coaches, experts in sports science and top players past and present, including Billie Jean King and Serena and Venus Williams, and the officials determined it would be unfair to force today's grunters to change the way they play.
These grunters are turning off regular tennis fans and attracting only the dirty-mac brigade and I blame Maria Sharapova (inset) most of all - her grunting is so distracting you can hardly concentrate on her knickers.