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Fortunately for all whitetail hunters, this year they've released the Rut Roar ($18)--a truly loud, realistic-sounding grunter.
There are only a few reports on postmortem changes in biochemical properties of ice-stored spotted grunter P.
Under the benchmark test, the higher the score means the grunter the chip is.
Nowadays it's either a secret puffer next door (for except on aircraft loos seldom have smoke detectors and they are a refuge for most office smokers) or there's Billy Bunter the grunter, puffing and panting.
X X X rainbowfish splendida Banded Melanotaenia X X Rainbowfish trifasciata Pacific Pseudomugil X X X Blue-eye signifer Sail-fin Ambassis agassizii Glassfish Glassfish Ambassis miops X Margined Kuhlia marginata X Flagtail Jungle Perch Kuhlia rupestris X X X False Celebes Glossogobius X Goby illimus Silver Grunter Mesopristes X argenteus Roman Nosed Awaous acritosus X X Goby Empire Gudgeon Hypseleotris X X X compressa Snakehead Giurus X X Gudgeon margaritacea Green-backed Bunaka gyrinoides X X Gauvina Mangrove Jack Lutjanus X argentimaculatus Common Name Scientific Name Yarrabah Long-finned Eel Anguilla X reinhardti Yellaw-finned Neasilurus hyrtlii Tandan Northern Tandanus cf.
For fish, there are dozens of creative recipes, from sardines to grunter or kabeljou.
Sociologies des risks, Walter de Grunter, Berlin, N.
Examples include such names as Betty Blithesome, Madame de Fayke (a psychic donkey who reads hoofs), Tottenhots, Professor Nowitall, Nuphsed, Ann Soforth, Tom Ato, Grunter Swyne (a pig), Miss Trust, Duchess Bredenbutta and hundreds of others.
The second grunter got progressively louder until I thought I was right under it.
You know," says George Brett, "the guys who throw real hard, the Nolan Ryans, are just a snorter, a growler, a grunter, you know, a kick-your-ass, Goose Gossage, breathing fire, just nasty-looking, all arms and body, just throwing everything at you as hard as they can.
Age determination in two important species of South Africa angling fishes, the knob (Argyrosomus hololepidotus Lacep) and the spotted grunter (Pomadasys commersonnii Lacep).
croaker, Johnieops vogleri; trevally, Caranx para; grunter, Pomadasys maculatum and Terapon theraps; and hairtail, Trichiurus lepturus.
The unflattering comparisons made between her and the animals with which she deals - the duck, Grunter the pig, whose hide her hair resembles; and the emphasis on her social aspirations despite illiteracy, undermine Mary's fitness as a respectable model of amorous address.