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The poor little thing sobbed again (or grunted, it was impossible to say which), and they went on for some while in silence.
when it grunted again, so violently, that she looked down into its face in some alarm.
Bredin, squatting behind the cash-desk, grunted fiercely at him; and, worse, Jeanne, who, owing to his absence, had had to be busier than suited her disposition, was distant and haughty.
grunted the sick woman, eyeing her reflection severely.
He was just out of bow range, so I grunted twice at him, and he came in to 38 yards, broadside.
I probably grunted a total of four times at him-all fairly loud.
Grabbing my grunt call, I grunted at the doe to stop her.
Some have claimed that they have grunted to the same buck previously, but would never try again because the deer didn't respond the first time.
Sure, deer hunters have rattled, even grunted for a good long time, but only recently have hunters began to understand why these methods occasionally work (other times proving a dismal failure), and why more basic calls can oftentimes bring more steady results.
I grunted and he stopped to look but started moving away again.
I eased my grunt call up, leaving the end of the tube inside my parka to muffle the sound and grunted several times.
He started running to my left up a small hill, and when he got about 30 yards away I grunted at him again.
Had I not grunted, the buck probably would not be hanging on my living room wall today.
Then, after what felt like a half hour, I grunted a few times.
The bull stopped within 18 yards of Lew and Chris, licked his nose, grunted softly, and looked for the bull he had heard.