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Synonyms for grungy

thickly covered with ingrained dirt or soot

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Meanwhile, participants suited up in grungy clothes to ready themselves for a serious tomato spattering.
Ultimately, its primary effectiveness may have been as a bitter commentary on the evolution of the New York art world, its grungy Chinatown location harking back to an earlier incarnation of SoHo, home to Earth Room.
We're always on the look-out for affordable ammo, but so often what we find is grungy surplus or amino that's just questionable enough to make you wonder a bit when you pull the trigger.
The choreography is alternately--or simultaneously--lyrical, sharp, grungy, and sensual.
Well, most words that sound dirty are in fact dirty (such as besmirch, grungy and unsanitary)
six years ago, using about $25,000 of his money and state and federal grants to find grungy school bathrooms and make them clean and safe, according to a recent story in The Waft Street Journal
This grungy but smart 1994 black-and-white classic flawlessly captures a moment in lesbian society.
The late Mike Morrison, once director of R&D at McGraw-Hill, always said that most successful newsletters "are written on subjects that are grungy, awful and dull.
In a tiny shop in the grungy East Village, I came across a Van Halen CD entitled OU812, which featured such suspicious track as "Finish What Ya Started" and "Cabo Wabo.
Most orthodox upper-caste families keep a chipped and grungy cup and plate for the servant--it is kept separately and never used by anyone else.
Metrologists have long dreamed of defining the kilogram in terms of the universally agreed upon and unchanging values of fundamental physical constants rather than by an ill-defined lump of grungy matter.
For a grungy, indie-looking band, these guys couldn't be more polished.
It's good, old-fashioned grungy garage punk, brash and daring, and a whole lot of fun.
The 23-year-old, who won the EE Rising Star Award at this year's BAFTAs, opts for a long sleeved number with lace detail, but it's the dark grungy pattern that gives it a wintry feel.