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Synonyms for grungy

thickly covered with ingrained dirt or soot

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These are contrasted against bright, floral prints, grungy designs and '90s boho.
And as his new grungy pal, Jason Segel is the perfect contrast.
One look at Bernal in that hooded sweat shirt and grungy apartment should give you your answer.
LAST time the Welsh wizards played The Venue, they tore the place up with their grungy rock and great choruses.
She told newsmen: "I hate all that grungy, baggy stuff.
In the '80s Kitaj seems to have decided that this style was in danger of getting overrefined or formulaic, and he resorted to a more gestural and frankly grungy use of paint.
Taxi driver Robert and wife Marie-Jeanne are the parents of three kids - the grungy Fleur, the hopelessly romantic Raphal, and Albert, their eldest.
The singer, 27, snapped here looking grungy in plaits, at first tweeted about how cruel comments annoyed her: "When someone comments on my pic "Your sh**
NEW YORK, July 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Last night, UGG for Men (a division of Deckers Brands NYSE: DECK) debuted as the exclusive footwear sponsor at the Grungy Gentleman Spring/Summer 2016 runway show.
The band throws down a dirty, grungy sort of guitar-driven metal on songs such as "Neck Up Face Down'' and "Horizontal Disciple.
QI LOVE all of the grungy Saint Laurent-inspired looks, but I have an 18-year-old daughter and I don''t want to embarrass her by trying to dress trendy.
The grungy look will feature on the cover of her latest single, You and I.
WITH her baggy jeans, permanent scowl and multi-coloured hair, she was the poster girl for grungy teenage angst.
I went through a bit of a grungy phase in the seventies.
GRUNGY looking Charlotte Church turns sole singer as she goes barefoot in her saucy fishnet tights.