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in a dingy manner

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With his artfully dishevelled, bleach-blond hair and faded army jacket, Dominic is handsome, in a grungily trendy sort of a way.
But despite being embraced by the establishment, the duo's signature grungily expressive construction is still provocatively at odds with the more 'polished' (and often more anodyne) work of their French compatriots.
It contains works of every conceivable description by eighty-one artists from sixteen countries, installed at more than two dozen venues, from the vast Palladian pile that is the New Orleans Museum of Art to the disused Ideal Auto Repairs garage (where there is a grungily beautiful installation of silver-black abstractions and ghostly monochrome wall paintings by Jacqueline Humphries).
Plump, grungily dressed and not as pretty as she's going to be, the whole audience was willing her not to fail in a way which some uber-confident, glamorous floozy could never have hoped for.