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Synonyms for grungy

thickly covered with ingrained dirt or soot

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It is on e of the grungiest festivals out ther e and has a r e a l ro c k 'n' r o ll elemen t to it .
com's Turbocharge Your Garage Challenge," a nationwide search for the country's grungiest garage.
A well-cut dinner suit with all the trimmings (cummerbund, bow tie and pointed hankie) has the magical power to transform the ugliest of frogs into handsome princes or smarten up the grungiest of the sartorially challenged.
Comprising Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, Waits is at his growling grungiest best on the Bawlers disc, a riot of menacing rock and dirty blues, including the instant classic anti-war tune Road To Peace.
Beyond Greenberg's assertion of a golden umbilicus binding even the grungiest bohemia to an elite patron class, questions of audience tend to constitute a willful blind spot at the very core of modernist ideology.
Or if we desire to rise to the top of a punk group, we wear the grungiest and most outlandish costume we can put together.
Of all of the Fantasy CDs being compared to the new SACDs here, the one that sounds the grungiest is Way Out West.