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Grumpy Old Women Live is script edited by Richard Herring, script editor for the latest series of the multi award-winning Little Britain, and co-writer and star of BBC2's Fist of Fun and This Morning With Richard Not Judy.
You couldn't move for misery moos this week, with the new series Grumpy Old Men (BBC2,last night) trying to outdo the Grumpy Young Men of the England football team.
The two-year-old cat's owner, fAi h th l from Arizona, hopes the lucrative deals will see her - if not Grumpy Cat herself - laughing all the way to the bank.
For more information on Grumpy Goats, please visit: http://www.
Grumpy Mule founder Ian Balmforth said: "Grumpy Mule celebrates its fifth anniversary this year and The Great Taste Awards have always been important to us.
These were followed by a brand new BBC2 series called Grumpy Old Holidays, which regularly attracted more viewers than Love Island (ITV1) in its prime-time slot.
As a grumpy old man, I have promoted ideas that would create a lasting and money-spinning tourism industry.
A seasoned actor and model -- obviously she has perfected the model pout -- Grumpy Cat's also stars in webisodes in partnership with Friskies and the "Will Kitty Play With It" series.
But luckily I have done this a few times so have a fair idea of what I'm going to play and also be grumpy about over the microphone.
Chloe Sims from the reality show The Only Way Is Essex revealed she couldn't imagine Hugh Grant being grumpy and admitted she loved "awkward posh men.
I was a grumpy old man," the Sun quoted him as saying.
I'd lie in bed till lunch time And I'd get up with a grunt Then run the streets quite naked Or some other crazy stunt I'll go round public toilets With my tube of super glue And when they go to lift the seat They'll be in a right old stew I'd walk past people's gardens And pull up the first bloomed crocuses I'll go up to newly painted seats And remove the 'wet paint' notices So take heed of all these words I write Cos every one is true Then when you get old and grumpy You'll know exactly what to do TOM HUTCHINSON, Forest Hall.
MURPHY always suspected that good old Vincenzo Brown and Eamon Grumpy Dunphy were never the best of pals.
Such is the universal appeal of comedian, playwright and Grumpy Old Men star Arthur Smith that he is able to recall encounters with all three and more during his Audience With.