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Synonyms for grumpiness

a fussy and eccentric disposition

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Pollyanna added: "Everyone has times where life takes over and can cause grumpiness, and the survey is proof of that.
When you snarl, the world often snarls back, so I'm glad you want to shake off the grumpiness and find your best self again.
Camping with his family, Jeff has caught a killer cold with accompanying grumpiness and is left in solitude for recovery while his wife and sons explore elsewhere for the day.
I have to confess that, having come back from a couple of days on the beach, I was definitely physically back in the game but couldn't shake the grumpiness off.
New Tricks BBC One, 9pm Nicholas Lyndhurst's character Dan appears to be fitting into the Ucos team pretty well - maybe because of the strength of his first outing, he seems to combine Jack's grumpiness with Brian's tactlessness.
As an octogenarian in a Swiss nursing home, he has witnessed plenty of grumpiness and complaining.
SAD has been attributed to a lack of light exposure, among other things, is something that can occur during the winter months, and it sometimes results in overeating, less energy, oversleeping and general grumpiness, Discovery News reported.
Maybe he thinks he needs his own USP but let's face it, Kian's natural grumpiness alone will help him stand out among the other judges.
Kenny Dalglish started the season full of smiles but it has not taken long for grumpiness and paranoia to take over.
And indeed, Beatty has a knack for capturing the individual characteristics of animals, from the grumpiness of a flap-necked chameleon to the way in which king penguins, bumping chests in a courtship ritual, look as if they're squaring up for a fight.
Positive thinkers place grumpiness on a par with substance abuse or squalor as a destructive lifestyle choice.
Despondence and grumpiness as a means to gauge waning trustworthiness?
My blessings are being able to blame grumpiness on PMT, to spend money on a new top that will make my life complete and to justify serving up chips three nights in a row because I can't be expected to run a kitchen like a restaurant.