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Synonyms for grumpiness

a fussy and eccentric disposition

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I try to keep my grumpiness away from home," he says.
The biggest cause for grumpiness is a bad night's sleep, followed by a heavy workload to face when we get to the office.
time on a for of I'm The return leg was therefore the same as the first but with added tiredness, irritability, grumpiness and cries of 'WILL.
Apparently, the errant fowl enjoy squawking at all hours of the day and night, leading to lost sleep and student grumpiness.
Maybe he thinks he needs his own USP but let's face it, Kian's natural grumpiness alone will help him stand out among the other judges.
Kenny Dalglish started the season full of smiles but it has not taken long for grumpiness and paranoia to take over.
Positive thinkers place grumpiness on a par with substance abuse or squalor as a destructive lifestyle choice.
Despondence and grumpiness as a means to gauge waning trustworthiness?
It has not vanished, thankfully--Mahon's grumpiness was perversely likable--but it has joined with a celebratory mode that appears to be ascendant.
MARCUS SHARP'S nickname in Lytham's first team is "Basil" because his grumpiness sometimes reminds his colleagues of Torquay's most famous fictional hotelier.
Summary: Children miss out on an entire day of sleep over Christmas and their grumpiness causes most festive rows, according to new research.
So that's my new resolution, more laughter, less grumpiness, more fun, less worry.
With this week's heat wave comes the risk of heat stroke, higher energy bills and general grumpiness.
The grumpiness of bygone eras was replaced by a sense of joy which proved refreshing.
I acknowledge this approach is a bit flaky, but it can serve to head off persistent internal grumpiness.