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Synonyms for grumpily

in an ill-natured manner

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I held my breath as I served this dish to The Husband, who I fully expected to ask, grumpily, ''Where's the cheese?
Cue eye-rolls and tuts from my rock-fan boyfriend, who grumpily refused to clap along.
It's a day when everything goes wrong and it puts Olive in a foul mood - not even her friends can cheer her up and she grumpily shrugs off all their attempts to make her happy.
20pm) | The gang's Easter celebrations come under threat when Rabbit grumpily refuses to join in, preferring to spend the day spring cleaning.
London, December 27 ( ANI ): A-Rod, who was spotted in Beverly Hills hunting for a new love nest with his girlfriend Torrie Wilson earlier this year, grumpily took a backseat to her three pups as they prepared to enjoy a cruise around Biscayne Bay in Miami on Christmas Day.
It's on the other side of Shaikh Zayed Road," said the watchman grumpily as I had woken him up from his afternoon siesta.
Jackson Street starts with a J, not a C," I grumbled grumpily.
Wrapping paper all over the floor, toy boxes strewn around the room and children staring grumpily at their father who is selfishly using the sole Xbox controller.
Ard El-Lewa no good" asserts my taxi driver grumpily, as I give him directions to the gallery.
Then again, maybe maths really isn't her strong point-which may help explain why Panorama is now just a neutered Watchdog, grumpily licking the scars where its journalistic colones used to be.
It's just like being back in school," a gallerygoer muttered grumpily, upon entering Gujarati artist Atul Dodiya's latest, much anticipated solo show, "Bako Exists.
People are forever sending me their poems, but I don't want them," she says, a little grumpily.
Imagine Abu Hamza writing on board Imagine hook-handed militant cleric Abu Hamza grumpily having to write the line "Some aspects of Western life are actually quite admirable" on a blackboard 50 times WITHOUT CHALK, while Janet Street-Porter sings Delibes''s Flower Duet* with a Dalek.
Later on, he grumpily noted that "this is a PiL gig - you can make noise.
Gail Yonov and Mary-Lou Moulton passed the basket and I bought six tickets, but grumpily went home without it.