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They've been known to put smiles on the grumpiest of the grumpy.
Eleven months after being hounded out of Real Madrid by a mutinous dressing room, no boardroom support and a hostile media, Jose Mourinho returned as the grumpiest man on the planet.
29 ( ANI ): 'Star Wars' makers have created a new character, which they claim is the laziest, grumpiest and rudest from the franchise.
The happiest age group were the recently retired - and the middle-aged were the grumpiest.
Which is how the grumpiest of all grumps, Sunday Express editor John Junor, invariably ended his column when enraged by some particularly slimy piece of political hypocrisy.
RAMSAY'S Kitchen Nightmares USA (Channel 4, 9pm) has been one of the most enjoyable to date, with second episode Flamangos featuring one of the grumpiest restaurateurs in the show''s history.
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Channel 4, 9pm This series has been one of the most enjoyable date, with second episode Flamangos featuring one of the grumpiest restaurateurs in the show's history.
Mickey's Winter Wonderland Show in the Chaparral Theatre in Frontierland will get even the grumpiest of visitors into the Christmas spirit and the Once Upon A Christmas Dream parade has you singing along to Disney's classic theme songs as brightly coloured floats pass by.
DONCASTER is home to some of the grumpiest folk in the country - according to a recent university survey.
The flourish-strewn chorus is crafted to make the grumpiest listener smile.
According to the Financial Times of December 22, I am "the grumpiest man in Northumberland", which seems a bit unlikely to me.
But nowadays, visitors to this extreme landscape no longer get thrown about on the back of the grumpiest of animals.
The Fabulous Bakin' Boys are on the look out for the nation's grumpiest people, as they think they've got the perfect formula for cheering them up.
22 ( ANI ): A new survey has revealed that men are at their grumpiest when they hit 70.
It's not that they are pantomime rude - like the drivers of New York's yellow taxis - though I did once meet Caerphilly's grumpiest cabbie.