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Synonyms for grumble

Synonyms for grumble

to complain in low indistinct tones

to make a continuous deep reverberating sound

a low indistinct utterance of complaint

Synonyms for grumble

a loud low dull continuous noise

Related Words

a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone

show one's unhappiness or critical attitude

make complaining remarks or noises under one's breath

to utter or emit low dull rumbling sounds

make a low noise


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References in classic literature ?
Dantes told him that the jug had fallen from his hands while he was drinking, and the jailer went grumblingly to fetch another, without giving himself the trouble to remove the fragments of the broken one.
Meanwhile the two gentlemen, each looking very hard at the last shilling grumblingly, as if it might become eighteen-pence if he kept his eyes on it, descended the doorsteps, ascended their carriages, and drove away, leaving Miss Twinkleton on a bonnet-box in tears.
The IOC grumblingly suggested in response to the ruling that the court was being excessively tough, requiring "an even higher threshold on the necessary level of evidence" than it had done in the past.
But his most expensive Renoir purchase was The Mosque: Arab Festival (1881), for which he grumblingly stumped up 10,000 francs to Paul DurandRuel in 1900.
Although my family has no problem with my work outside home, the passersby and my neighbors hamper my work,' director of political news for Women TV, Zarina Khatibi told grumblingly.