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Synonyms for gruffness

a throaty harshness

an abrupt discourteous manner

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The CR-V's suspension is good at soaking up the bumps and refinement is good, low road and wind noise and only a slight gruffness to the diesel engine.
In his seventh turn in the role, Jackman brings powerful physicality, laconic humor and depths of sorrow beneath his gruffness that make him an unusually nuanced figure for a sci-fi action movie.
After starting his administration on the heels of the most devastating moment in its recent history, 9/11, Bloomberg helped build the city into something that was, to many, palpably safer, visibly cleaner and, despite its reputation for gruffness, friendlier than it had ever been.
So here we are 11 years later, with the Old Town in the middle of a boom -- which Yiannakis, with typical gruffness, predicts won't last long -- and the Centrum going strong, albeit forced to slash its rates by the crisis.
Herbert's voice can scale the heights of sharply-pointed high frequencies, artfully directed away from the microphone's full force, or sweep down into a bassy gruffness, making her capable of schizophrenic character viewpoints.
TUESDAY Ruth Angell's soulful fiddle and airy singing mix seamlessly with Sid Peacock's dexterous guitar style and traditional Irish gruffness in a late addition to the Celtic celebrations.
For all his gruffness, there was something about Nicholson that inspired devotion in those who served under him.
His voice had a peculiar low, but not unfriendly, gruffness.
Like much of his conversation, this comment is said with a gruffness that evokes both Lou Grant, the bristly newsman Asner played on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and a later spinoff drama, and Carl Fredricksen, the crotchety airborne hero he voiced in the 2009 Oscar-winning animated film Up
They recall his tearful apology to the congregation in the fall of 2011, when he asked forgiveness for any feelings he had hurt--a moment his critics remember, too, but insist the gruffness returned the next week.
Grahame's Badger is an] extraordinary amalgam of high rank, coarse manners, gruffness, shyness, and goodness.
one of the state's most successful, innovative manufacturing companies, with over 1,200 employees--scoffs at both suggestions with equal gruffness.
David loved his grandfather, but points out the General's occasional impatience, gruffness, and weakness for flattery.
The old English pattern worked fine in one instance: Old pro David Bull added gruffness and a needed sense of doom as one of the witches.