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the quality of being ghastly

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In summary, The Diary of Immaculee is richer in explanations of the genocide, but these explanations are filtered through the personal story of Ilibagiza and, furthermore, the purpose of the film is to use the gruesomeness of the genocide and the hardships of Ilibagiza as inspiration to find faith in God.
The Turn to Gruesomeness in American Horror Films, 1931-1936
Horror has long held a fascination for him: When he saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a teen, its bloody gruesomeness turned him into a vegetarian for a decade.
the gruesomeness of his fiction' e 'his savagery as a critic [.
Today, media organizations get a lot of flak on social media for allegedly twisting Duterte's words, or spinning them, but in fact-and this is something that can be easily checked-controversies from Duterte's media interviews (or his speeches during the campaign and his interventions at the debates) do not arise from his words, which are reported faithfully, sometimes in all their gruesomeness, but from the consequences of his words.
With Peckinpah's well-known penchant for gore, the close range effectiveness of 00 buckshot is shown in all its gruesomeness.
Abortion Procedures and Medical Ethics at the Nation's Largest Abortion Provider," PPFA's business of baby-body-part harvesting and trafficking was exposed in all its gruesomeness and soul-crunching brutality.
She said: "Flint's story really highlights the gruesomeness of wildlife crime that is happening in our countryside but also to show that Flint has made it through his awful ordeal and is seeking a new home.
Shusaku Endo, renowned twentieth-century Japanese Christian historical novelist, was unusual in his capacity to communicate--without personally having undergone similar explicit oppression--not just sensational gruesomeness, but also the reality of the horrific persecution that Japanese Christians experienced in the early seventeenth century.
Or is there rather a suggestion of shame: of the failure of West Germany at that time to acknowledge the guilt of the era of National Socialism adequately, a curtain behind which the gruesomeness of unacknowledged crime is concealed?
As such, these stories of murder, cannibalism and online assisted suicide do not exaggerate the gruesomeness of the crimes.
In every historical period, Emily Abel provides glimpses of dying, thematically weaving in quotes from primary sources for topics such as what was considered a "good death" at home; the role of medical professionals before and after the major advances in medicine; the way a person's socioeconomic status influenced their care; the role of spirituality in the dying process; and how the people of each age experienced the gruesomeness of the last days before death.
Bloom's psychopathic tendencies can be seen as a manifestation of society's apathy and obsession with violence and gruesomeness.
These lines aestheticize violence by redefining its gruesomeness as the heroine's glory and by presenting the killing literally as a performance in front of an enthusiastic audience.
In fact, all of us are guilty in permitting the Syrian genocide to perpetuate with all of its barbarity and gruesomeness to this day.