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the quality of being ghastly

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But "the gruesomeness is offset by Allende's warmth and wit" (Seattle Times), and readers who can overlook her inability to write pure crime will appreciate her masterful storytelling.
Other forms of trafficking, such as child sex trafficking, (8) existed unrecognized, likely due to the gruesomeness of this form of victimization as well as the reality that child sex crimes are particularly underreported.
The opening summary of one account highlighted both the gruesomeness of the crime and the apparently miraculous solving of it: The details of the account are tantalizing.
As artists of the past centuries well knew, the Old and New Testament withhold great treasures in terms of gruesomeness, improper behavior, political intrigue, racial mixing, and of course, religious matters, all major topics of controversy in American cinema.
333) Just as in other cases, no evidence linked the suspects to the crime--which is striking in light of the gruesomeness of the alleged crime.
But the euphoria was shortlived as Bahrain's trusted sunshine kicked-in to lift the mist, revealing the true gruesomeness of the field in time for the first tee-off, with only those having reached their 50th birthday eligible to play.
But bestiary descriptions of brutal birthings reference the Virgin as well, if only implicitly, because the gruesomeness of these phenomena represent all that the Virgin's own monstrous body would deny or exclude.
Yet the Cosmopolitan illustration is consistent with the history of illustrated books in general; despite its gruesomeness, it seems meant to be subservient to the text.
Much can still happen, but the level of gruesomeness on the part of the long-oppressed populations has been remarkably low, even in more violent confrontations such as in Libya, Yemen and Syria.
It is remarkable how many news outlets defended their decision to show this gruesomeness on the basis of the news cycle in the digital age.
For sheer gruesomeness, reporting on Jaques remained unsurpassed until the 1995 coverage of Paul Bernardo's rape and murder of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French (Brock 1998).
But the feeble light afforded by the burning gum robbed the place of half its gruesomeness.
Smarter than your average horror, there is still plenty of visual gruesomeness.
There, the court was presented with evidence of abuse by the minor child's father, including photographs of bruises on the child and testimony from the child's sister as to the gruesomeness of the beatings.
The graphic images of the Abu Ghraib scandal would inform a new breed of horror films - the Saw and Hostel series', The Hills Have Eyes - which were labelled "torture porn" and took screen violence to new unforeseen levels of gruesomeness.