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Punctuated by gruellingly convincing fights, it's an inspirational tale, a fable of redemption and triumph over adversity.
It was a magical slice of Indian life and gruellingly hot.
Two draws and a victory each left the two capital clubs level last season and Jeff knows better than most the importance of winning this gruellingly competitive fixture.
On the plus side, the gruellingly long advert and recap-packed twohour unspectaculars allowed peerless presenters Ant and Dec out of the wings.
From the first symptoms to the gruellingly painful deaths, the author does an excellent job of creating tension, and Kaelin's letters to Leo take on an increasingly frantic quality as the disease spreads and friends and family members start dying around her.
The Assassination Of Richard Nixon SET in 1974, this gruellingly depressing movie tells the real life tale of a disillusioned office furniture salesman who tried to hijack a passenger jet and fly it into the White House.
His colleagues provided significant polyphonic interjections but tenor Nicholas Mulroy was outstanding as the Evangelist, shaping his gruellingly repetitive music with drama and dynamic shading.
They perform a splendid public service, and comedy can be gruellingly hard work.
The gruellingly hot Titlington show was highlighted on the first day by two rare Derby classes bringing together pure show jumping and event riders in this BSJA Area 12 two-day outdoor event.