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characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion

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89, 99 (2000) ("Survivors report that Hutu men diagnosed with HIV raped Tutsi women during the civil was, men told the women that they would die slowly and gruelingly from AIDS.
Successes are few and gruelingly won: the community workers and children go door to door to convince people to stand up for their rights, organise demonstrations in front of government officials to demand just wages, and set up self-help groups to make sure people have something to fall back on in times of extreme distress.
The CBA has long lobbied for more staffing of customs officers at the Paso del Norte and other international bridges that connect the twin cities, but persistent understaffing results in gruelingly long waits that slow or dissuade foot and vehicular traffic.
While the film muddles certain details, it is gruelingly faithful to events: bank robberies, bombings of US military installations and the Springer publishing house, the capture of Baader and Holger Meins (Stipe Erceg), followed by Ensslin and finally Meinhof.
The final was as hard fought and gruelingly physical as the men's and the capacity 34,000 crowds was on its feet with excitement.
Groundbreaking, often dark and always complex, Hill Street went on the air in January 1981 and, although gruelingly slow to find an audience, was an instant smash with critics.
Especially in a place like this, where the geography is almost magically beautiful while daily life can be gruelingly difficult, we thrive on such tales of wonder.
Even the gruelingly spare sets make you want to leave your seat.