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in a grudging manner


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Then the wretched boy looked cautiously up and found her gone, crept out of bed, fastened his door, and threw himself upon his pillow again: tearing his hair, morosely crying, grudgingly loving her, hatefully but impenitently spurning himself, and no less hatefully and unprofitably spurning all the good in the world.
Saving an occasional burst of impatience, or coarse assertion of his mastery, his good-humour remained to him, but it had now a sordid alloy of distrust; and though his eyes should twinkle and all his face should laugh, he would sit holding himself in his own arms, as if he had an inclination to hoard himself up, and must always grudgingly stand on the defensive.
Important note - there's a difference between grudgingly letting dogs in and actually being dog friendly.
But 24 hours later the peer slipped out a letter grudgingly admitting "regrets" and turned up on a Sky News sofa to insist he has "no case to answer" over the affair.
NASA suddenly, and grudgingly, revised temperatures downward in August 2007 after Climate Audit's Steve McIntyre exposed errors in the data.
To the student at IKNS (GDN February 2) and other youngsters who praise/blame technology, the following quote from George Orwell might be a pointer: "The machine has got to be accepted, but it is probably better to accept it rather as one accepts a drug - that is, grudgingly and suspiciously.
Then it acts grudgingly by suggesting that Moira links up with Chris Evans, who takes over from Sir Terry Wogan on Radio Two.
Now, after being interrogated as to why you want them, you are grudgingly sold about a dozen tiny pills in a vast amount of packaging.
Peter Allenson, national officer of Unite, which has more than 50,000 members at councils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland covered by the pay deal, said: "This is a clear result from our members, but equally it comes with a message that it has been accepted grudgingly.
The move came after Belarus grudgingly agreed to let Russian state energy group Gazprom double the price of gas.
Lynn grudgingly boards a plane, professing only distaste for her native town--its dryness and strip malls and lack of culture, the place where her father died of heart failure.
Less endearing is the potty humor, partly because it's so overdone in kids' movies these days and partly because it feels tacked on, like Winick got a note to include a couple of flatulence jokes and grudgingly went along with it.
Since its discovery in 1994, the BRCA1 gene has given up its secrets grudgingly.
In 2005, Archbishop Flynn grudgingly acquiesced to Vatican statements not to administer Communion to homosexual activists.
Bush told two jokes at the annual Alfalfa Club dinner that I must grudgingly acknowledge were pretty good.