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Synonyms for grubbily

in a dingy manner

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Others flee into countercultural cool, a very short journey to the lower circles of the demigods of the celebrity world--girls in Feist haircuts, boys in Decemberists costumes, old men precisely as grubbily unkempt as Allen Ginsberg.
Meanwhile Chuck and her friends are worried her aunt's sleazy lover - the grubbily suspicious Dwight Dixon - knows that Chuck isn't dead, and that her secret and Ned's life-giving magical touch will soon be a secret no longer.
One is sorely tempted to follow that sceptical line because Geordie supporters' conviction that they are the chosen ones - football aesthetes whose passion and purism soar way above the grubbily prosaic preoccupations of the rest of us - makes your average Liverpool fan seem positively modest in comparison.
It is as if their music comes from the bowels of the earth, grubbily crawling its way through the rocks, lava and finally the mud to punch through to the surface and crack you across the face.
I have no idea why an Amsterdam-based company called Tabor decided to send me their catalogue of filth but there it was, lurking grubbily on my doormat.