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a protective structure of stone or concrete

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However as the crew approached the groyne Ben decided to jump back into the freezing water, initially swimming towards the coastguards before changing his mind and swimming away.
HPH with KICT and Keamari Groyne deep ports will have the initial capacity of handling over two mill TEU and QICT of DP world may handle one mill TEU by 2010.
He raced in after the Jack Russells slipped or were washed off a groyne.
But Bill Parkinson, owner of Willy's Pub and Brewery in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, which brews Old Groyne, defended the name.
The Labor Opposition has succumbed to supporting a shortened groyne after being taunted with the claim that it is `anti-development'.
Bournemouth borough council requires the supply of timber to be used in the councils groyne replacement programme in the winter of 2018/19.
The 4,400-ton collier Duncansby Head had beached in dense fog on the soft sand alongside the Groyne lighthouse at South Shields.
The three agencies were able to release and tow a yacht that had become caught on the groynes off the New Brighton coast on Monday.
Boulders were hewn from five North Wales quarries to fill the sea groyne and a revetment wall parallel to the shore.
Despite repeated radio and TV warnings to keep away from the savage sea, the pair took a stroll on a groyne by Brighton's Palace Pier.
Yet only weeks before, the same council turned down the offer of hundreds of tonnes of free sand to build a giant groyne and save their battered coastline.
Contract notice: supply of timber for groyne replacement programme 2018/19
The buildings that will be miniaturised are: South Shields Museum & Art Gallery; Arbeia Roman Fort's West Gate; The Word; The Customs House; The Old Town Hall; The Town Hall; Souter Lighthouse; St Hilda's Church, Herd Groyne Lighthouse and Haven Point Leisure Facility.
Bounds Hendon groyne (groyne excluded) to Saddleback rock (south pier pegged 160).
We posted a lifeguard on each groyne to try and stop people going near them, but people kept piling into the sea, even though the red flag was up.