growth ring

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an annual formation of wood in plants as they grow


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Shell height at each growth ring was measured to the nearest 0.
Finally, it is important to make new detailed investigations on olive branches found at Thera in the Minoan tephra deposits, so that additional growth ring sequences may be studied and [sup.
Jeong and Zink-Sharp (2012, 2013) analyzed the effects of thinning and fertilization on the anatomical properties of young loblolly pine at different growth ring numbers and heights.
Within the dredged area, 89% of specimens were less than 26 y old based on growth ring counts, compared with only ~50% outside the dredged area.
When the bark side was removed from the beam, the sixth growth ring and possibly some of the fifth growth ring were lost; therefore the static bending beams consisted of only the first five growth rings after the ice storm.
From October to November, growth appeared to resume (opaque edge) and later, from December to January, a new translucent edge appeared; indicating the formation of one growth ring per year.
Solid wood- Alternate the growth ring arc direction to reduce the effects of accumulating dimensional change in the wood as it takes up and releases moisture.
There is no reason to suspect that internal growth ring deposition does not occur during winter months in Pacific Baja California as it does in the species farther to the north.
4) occurred in February for both species, suggesting that one growth ring (annulus) formed each year.
Marginal increment ratio or relative marginal distance has been used to validate the annual periodicity of growth ring deposition in different fish species (see Campana 2001, and Panfili & Morales-Nin 2002 for reviews) including winter skate; Leucoraja ocellata (Sulikowski et al.
Variable Description (units) AGE Age of tree from growth ring analysis (years) AREA_YR Cross sectional area at DBH (in2) divided by tree age (years) BARK_TYP Bark type (1 = relatively smooth.
In extreme cases, there may be no growth ring at all," said Mann.
The increment cores, including heartwood and sapwood, were divided at each growth ring boundary using a razor blade.
All schedules resulted in lumber with significantly less twist for every growth ring added to a board.