growth ring

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an annual formation of wood in plants as they grow


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The results in Figures 5 and 6 indicate that one growth ring is formed each year, most likely from September to November for males and from October to November for females.
The transition from one growth ring to the next retards advancing decay organisms.
Shell height at each growth ring was measured to the nearest 0.
Jeong and Zink-Sharp (2012, 2013) analyzed the effects of thinning and fertilization on the anatomical properties of young loblolly pine at different growth ring numbers and heights.
The least amount of shrinkage occurs across the growth rings -- the vertical grain.
Like other sharks--whose growth rings appear in their vertebrae--the pups of at least one dogfish species are born with a single growth ring, and new ones are layed down each year.
It has a prominent wax ring immediately below the node, and the bud does not extend above the growth ring.
By measuring how much heavy oxygen is present in each growth ring, scientists can determine past fluctuations in water temperature.
As with the Finnish Science Centre near Helsinki, better known as Heureka, the cylindrical forest institution has sought to adopt the more memorable name of Lusto, Finnish for the growth ring of a tree and the apt code-name for the 1991 first-prize competition entry by architects Ilmari Lahdelma and Rainer Mahlamaki.
The impacts on drying behavior of basic density, initial moisture content, percentage and position of heartwood, ring count, rings from the pith, growth ring angle, and earlywood and latewood coverage on board faces were investigated for western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) lumber.
Age as determined by the external growth ring method was about half that estimated by the internal shell layer method or the ligament method.
And rather than the tree laying down a growth ring under its bark each year, each xylem strand generated its own growth ring.
5 Trim down to white sole, following a growth ring parallel to the hairline.