growth rate

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the rate of increase in size per unit time

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5% sales growth rate scenarios are unlikely to occur and are cluttering your report, click on the pull-down arrow in cell A4, select those scenarios and click on OK to remove them.
The US is the largest eLearning market in the world by a wide margin, yet the growth rate in the US is now slightly negative at -0.
India topped the list of the highest smartphone sales in developing countries, with a growth rate of 4.
With the expansion, the country's yearly growth rate the past 12 months to March is 3.
In fact, during this period nation level growth rates were recovering from the past stagnated growth or in other word something called the Hindu growth rate.
Based on seasonally and working day adjusted data, GDP growth rate in real terms is estimated at -1.
Therefore, the sales growth rate of the top 100 chain retailers is still higher than the average growth rate of the total social consumer goods in 2009.
The RBC formula applies a variable excess growth risk charge separately to the reserves as well as to the prior year's net written premium when the 3-year average growth rate of gross premiums (direct plus assumed) exceeds 10 percent.
Parks said it was clear to her that Ventura County's Save Open-space and Agricultural Resources initiatives approved by voters in the late 1990s to limit growth are responsible for the county's population growth rate declines.
90 million metric tons, on an annualized basis, in May 2006, its growth rate having stabilized in recent months at around 2%, after declining sharply in the second half of last year.
With the potential growth rate having declined in most eurozone countries, it is much more likely that countries will experience phases during which growth is "slow" by historical standards.
However, when the chief financial officer comes forward to speak, she states the group must halt its growth rate or be prepared to forego bonuses or borrow money.
Both forecasts were composed in November 2004, which means that the 2004 forecast should be very close to the actual growth rate.
Take a look at our recent survey data from end-user organizations showing a 26% growth rate over the next year.