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the rate of increase in size per unit time

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1067: Wholesale distributor of electronic consumer products Bluemar Promotions, Exeter, three-year growth rate, 396 percent; 2016 revenue, $5-$10 million.
This is followed by Faisalabad division with 14,177,081 population, having annual growth rate of 1.
Some experts say there may be a negative growth rate in the second quarter of 2017, which means that the new Government, which promised an average growth rate of 5 percent during its term of office, will have a difficult starting position in the process of remedying Macedonia's economy.
As noted, the use of the alternative research prices reduces the growth rate of MFP in the rest of the economy (the "All other" sector), with MFP estimated to be little changed since 2004.
Figure North America Threadolets Production and Growth Rate (2011-2021)
India topped the list of the highest smartphone sales in developing countries, with a growth rate of 4.
With the expansion, the country's yearly growth rate the past 12 months to March is 3.
In fact, during this period nation level growth rates were recovering from the past stagnated growth or in other word something called the Hindu growth rate.
Based on seasonally and working day adjusted data, GDP growth rate in real terms is estimated at -1.
ANKARA, September 12, 2011(TUR) - Turkish Science, Industry & Technology Minister Nihat Ergun said Monday that Turkish economy's growth rate for the second quarter of 2011, which was 8.
The sales growth rate of the top 100 chain retailers in 2009 is 13.
8 percent a year--less than the average growth rate for the Nation, but 4 times the average rate for the rest of New York State.
Linda Parks, chairwoman of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, attended and said she was glad to hear the county's economy was prospering along with a low population growth rate -- less than 1 percent in 2006 -- that she advocates along with preserving open space.
90 million metric tons, on an annualized basis, in May 2006, its growth rate having stabilized in recent months at around 2%, after declining sharply in the second half of last year.
Column headers contain the variables that are allowed to change (sales growth rate, cost-of-sales growth rate and advertising for each period) as well as the target cells (net total sales, net total operating income, gross profit ratio and net return on sales).