growth industry

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an industry that is growing rapidly

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But the analyst also said she continues to believe that, for the long term, assisted living is a growth industry.
Nail salons aren't the biggest business in America, but they're a growth industry that sprang up without much notice.
After much consideration, we have determined diversifying our revenue stream into a second high growth industry will fuel accelerated earnings and corporate expansion.
The medical technology sector remains a very attractive growth industry.
Companies in business for more than a year, operating in a high growth industry, and seeking funding greater than $500,000 should apply.
Business process outsourcing is a high growth industry and we look forward to working closely with Henry and Jeff as they capitalize on the many attractive opportunities," added GTCR Principal David Randell.
The mobile music market is an enormous growth industry and CTIA is proud to sponsor this exciting new enterprise.
Sexton said, "I look forward to working with Beacon Roofing Supply, a successful distribution company in a growth industry.
According to Brad Bradshaw, President of Group Veritas, "The mainstreaming of Green Power is the growth industry of the decade, with many industry players unfortunately being caught unprepared to take advantage of this monumental opportunity.
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