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Synonyms for grown-up




Synonyms for grown-up

having reached full growth and development

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Grown-ups dealt with death - it was a concern of theirs and not of us kids.
Since only there can a grown-up finally recover the real and true values of so-called winning and losing in life.
All this made me realize how glad I am that our daughter grew up with children and grown-ups of different races and religions and how enriched my own life has been from the same experience.
WHILE most parents love spending time with their children in the holidays, there comes a time when the grown-ups want to have a little time to themselves.
SENIOR MOMENTS: It wasn't necessary to be over 50 to attend the fifth annual Movies for Grown-Ups Awards hosted by AARP the Magazine at the Hotel Bel-Air on Tuesday night.
Catholic grown-ups ask equally predictable questions, though they revolve around the holy matters of sex, procreation, and gender: Surely the church has all but given up the fight about birth control?
AGE 4-6: Sex is one way that two grown-ups who love each other, like mummy and daddy, can get as close as possible to cuddle and kiss in a special way, usually in bed.
The large clear script, the careful choice of words, the frequent repetition and the thoughtful matching of text with pictures all enable grown-ups to think they have taught themselves to cope.
YOU can't beat a g a bedtime story, w age, and no-one k better than Ladyb And now they h brand new, witty s grown-ups.
Lime juice can sting, so grown-ups may want to squeeze them for younger children.
Lime juice can sting so grown-ups may want to squeeze them for younger children.
Judith Lazar and Roger Pare (illustrator); GROWN-UPS, THE WORLD, AND ME
It's hard to tell whether this a comedy for kids that appeals to grown-ups or vice versa.
I was then told "grown-ups shouldn't be called grown-ups any more".