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a speaker whose voice sounds like a growl

a small iceberg or ice floe just large enough to be hazardous for shipping

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No wait, it is bottled, it's just draught you get bottled in the offie in you very own bottle, though it's not a bottle it's a growler.
Both Cheever and Likert describe the Prowler as similar to a '57 Chevrolet: simple, powerful and beautiful in its own way, but hard to compare to something like a Corvette, or, in the Prowler's case, the EA-18G Growler.
Owner Laura Wallace and her husband Roddy found Growler stuck up the tree on a nature trail three days after he went missing from their home in Hamilton.
And CBS Chicago's John Dodge wrote, "GrowlerWerks' mission is to make a growler that makes the option of buying draft craft beer more attractive.
in which 50 cents from each 64 ounce growler fill goes to the foundation.
The Navy's carrier-based F-35C, which is the most expensive JSF version and will be combat ready in 2017, will replace the current fleet of F-18 Hornets, but is not intended to replace the E/A-18G Growler or to assume its electronic attack mission, Cmdr.
Not every state and locality allows growler sales, but that is changing for the better.
This delivery milestone demonstrates the dedication of the Northrop Grumman team to the EA-18G Growler program.
The detachment was tasked with about 250 sorties to qualify instructors and train students in Growler air-to-air tactics.
All bars on the Glanusk Park site will be serving Green Man's own brews - Green Man Growler Ale from the Wye Valley Brewery, house cider Weston's Stowford Press and house lager Dortmunder Union Vier.
Singer Suggs of 80s ska band Madness say they are "very proud" of their own beer Gladness, produced by the Growler Brewery in Essex.
Shintaffer applied for a license change to sell beer/wine in a specialty shop and make growler and keg sales at 2001 Iowa St.
Reminders of "Growler Monday" where customers get a free pint for filling up their growler or "Chug for Charity," where 50 cents of each beer goes to a local nonprofit come in a steady stream through postings and tweets.
Adelaide, Australia, Dec 12, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - Beach Energy Limited (ASX:BPT) advises that dry and wet testing and commissioning of the Growler to Lycium (Beach 40% and operator, Senex Energy Limited 60%), Callawonga to Lycium (Beach 75% and operator, Cooper Energy Limited 25%) and Lycium to Moomba (Beach 60% and operator, Senex 40%) flowlines has been completed and oil is now flowing through these lines into Moomba.
Mobile glass replacement Marion, Sumter & Lake County approved vendors for fleet work & for General Dynamics Growler Vehicles.