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a speaker whose voice sounds like a growl

a small iceberg or ice floe just large enough to be hazardous for shipping

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The growler is a clean, refillable, resealable container that has a liquid capacity that does not exceed one gallon.
Sandy Petersen was inspired to open Growler's Keep when he frequented The Growler Station in North Bend.
Warfighters operating F/A-18 Super Hornet and EA-18G Growlers can anticipate improvements in survivability, situational awareness and enhanced targeting thanks to the Netted Sensors 2017 (NS17) fleet experiment in August.
The venture, which opened two years ago in a converted 1950s garage, is not the only place in the region offering a beer growler service.
Seth and Mary McDaniel hope to open their Growler USA location in Rogers some time after the first of next year.
Bartell launched its first Growler Fill Station at the South Lake Union outlet in 2013.
The Growler aircraft will support routine operational missions that enhance regional maritime domain awareness aside from the bilateral training missions, the statement said.
Growler USA founder Dan White will lead both franchise companies as CEO, though the two brands will maintain their individual names and concepts.
Table 5: Program Details - EA-18G Growler Electronic Attack Aircraft procurement
Sometime early in the 20th century, the growler became obsolete.
America's unique electronic warfare and radar suppression abilities includes the Growler, but also many other platforms and ancillary capabilities as well.
But no sooner than we've got used to cans being cool, we now have to get our heads around the growler.
Finally, leave it to a Portland company to invent a pressurized, insulated growler (at right)--it's almost like carrying your own tap.
The Reduce growler maintains a beverage's temperature for up to six hours.