growing season

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the season during which a crop grows best

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Strawberry growers in Florida are able to enjoy a high premium price for strawberry fruit early in the growing season (Dec and Jan) when other states are not in production.
The end of the thermal growing season in many parts of Wales is defined as five consecutive days when the temperature drops below 5o C and starts again when the temperature exceeds this threshold for five consecutive days.
The group used satellite data to identify the start, end and length of the growing season for the meadow and steppe vegetation of the Tibetan Plateau between 1982 and 2006, and linked it to temperature change.
Unique growing season weather conditions result in record high crop yields in Illinois and Midwest.
They still have to be contracted, but it will be this growing season," Ms.
The objective of this study was to study the relationship between these fluctuations and the growing season length for the state.
Because we're further north, we'll always have less light and therefore a shorter growing season than our southern French friends.
From this data benchmarks were developed for each facet of barley development through the growing season.
The varieties sold in nurseries are supposed to be sterile, and the Anchorage growing season was thought too short to allow it to seed and spread," says Julie Riley, a horticulturist with the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service.
You can only do so much to extend the growing season.
This relatively benign climate permitted a long enough growing season for hay to sustain their cattle, goats, and sheep through the long winters.
Pesticides are applied to tobacco several times over a growing season.
Although RL 1000 raises the cost of greenhouse film by 30% to 100%, it pays for itself by cutting growing time by 20% to 30%, enabling growers to potentially obtain a third growing season.