growing pains

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pain in muscles or joints sometimes experienced by children and often attributed to rapid growth

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emotional distress arising during adolescence

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problems that arise in enlarging an enterprise (especially in the early stages)

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Dr Harriet Unsworth of the BCRT said: "Primary bone cancer symptoms can include painful bones or swollen joints, and this can easily be misdiagnosed by GPs as a sporting injury or growing pains.
Growing pains are something which affect the muscles rather than the joints and in most children, they are concentrated in the calf area but sometimes also in the front of the thighs.
Though they may seem to be very uncomfortable, growing pains usually subside in 20-30 minutes, so everyone can go back to sleep.
Idiopathic pain syndromes in children include growing pains, benign hypermobility, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, fibromyalgia syndrome, chronic fatigue, chronic Lyme disease, and Munchausen and conversion disorders.
His son Andrew, top left, and in Growing Pains, left
You may get growing pains every night for a few weeks, or you may not feel them again for months.
A growing non-profit organization is seeking to soothe growing pains for product-driven entrepreneurs in the North by helping them to connect with interested investors.
But the program had its growing pains when Jackson started it on a shoestring budget from her savings.
After leading Valencia to four Foothill League titles and competing on Santa Monica Beach Club -- one of Southern California's most successful club volleyball teams -- for the past seven years, Robertson has endured some growing pains during the first 11 matches of her college career.
From new settlements and trade options to growing pains, Colonial America: Building Toward Independence is filled with detail on the new world's evolution.
These concerns are outlined in three reports released in June by the Institute of Medicine, available online as follows as free read-only downloads: Emergency Care for Children: Growing Pains, www.
Children with growing pains are always fine the next morning.
Your child is probably experiencing growing pains, a normal occurrence in 25 to 40 per cent of children.
It's been around now close to a decade, and like any group or organization, it's had its growing pains," said Wes Bissett, an NIPR board member and senior vice president for government affairs and state relations for the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America.
Certainly, PayPal experienced growing pains in the early days as it tried to scale up its customer support staff to meet its growing customer base.