growing pains

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pain in muscles or joints sometimes experienced by children and often attributed to rapid growth

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emotional distress arising during adolescence

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problems that arise in enlarging an enterprise (especially in the early stages)

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But children with growing pains respond differently - they feel better when they're held, massaged, and cuddled.
To watch the new episode of Growing Pains and enter the Growing Pains $10,000 Contest visit http://www.
Throughout the story, Paulina's fears, hopes, failures and successes parallel Kenya's growing pains as she unfolds into an increasingly aware and self-reliant woman.
Comedy and Madrid," the title of chapter 2, trades on the geography of the city, the growing pains it felt during the decade, and their effects upon relationships; the house (in, for example, Tirso's En Madrid y en una casa and La villana de Vallecas) operates like a theater where the pursuits of desire (Lacanian and otherwise) are exhibited.
Q MY son gets growing pains a lot, is there anything I can do to help?
Their request was a foreshadowing of the acute growing pains that are currently crippling the country's twenty-year old CCNs.
For students of history, or anyone desirous of more information on the birth and growing pains of our new nation and how that "old man" fit into the scheme of things.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 8, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- PEER 1, a leading provider of online IT infrastructure, has announced the winner of its Growing Pains Free Hosting Contest, with a prize of 12 months of free managed hosting, valued at more than $2400.
The sounds of growing pains have hit the William S.
An intriguing story of a young boy grappling with his own personal growing pains amidst the growing scale of nonviolent protest in 1956 Montgomery, Alabama, and the lessons he learns to apply to his life.
Blige will celebrate the release of her new album Growing Pains (Geffen) with a special pre-Christmas live performance exclusively for fans at SIRIUS' Rockefeller Center studios in New York City.
I like the fact that she has been created by a male author, who manages to combine poetic images with realistic down-to-earth growing pains.
They've felt the same growing pains that we have ("Closer to Fine"), pursued similar ideals ("Hammer and a Nail"), and known the same despair (the epic Swamp Ophelia CD) as the rest of us.