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someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil

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In order for growers to fully meet consumer demand they must first understand and connect with the consumer on an emotional level.
Ever since a public outcry over childhood leukemia in the early 1990s, growers have been cutting pesticide use through a technique called Integrated Pest Management, which targets chemicals only where they're really needed.
Juan Valdez also gives growers like Gonzalez the chance to sell more than 60 types of select coffees.
This allocation by the three members will be made in accordance with the patronage each grower has with the member, and any dividend distributions will be based on those allocations.
But even growers of citrus fruits and avocados weren't spared by the heavy downpour.
Over 80 percent of MACMA growers and more than 50 percent of the growers in the other two groups believe that grower bargaining units raise prices for all growers.
Other significant changes in the industry have also worked to the advantage of the Big Four and against robusta growers.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- For the third year in a row, a large majority of corn growers responsibly managed Bt hybrids, according to a recent survey required by the U.
It was focused on examining the fundamental linkages among environmental and soil factors, grower inputs, corn yield, and grain quality and was designed to interpret the vast amount of complex data generated by modern technologies, including remote sensing, yield monitors, and geographic information systems.
Growth may require that a company create or leverage a relationship with a non-competing grower, as MasterCard has done through co-branding.
Meanwhile, back on the farm, several hundred California almond growers make the casting call each time the word goes out that a new series of grower commercials is in the making.
It's all about that symbiotic relationship between grower and winemaker," said Bourne.
To showcase these grower plots, Syngenta implemented the AVICTA Complete Pak Cotton Belt Road Show.
After two years visiting flower farms in the United States, Prolman was unable to convince any major grower to make the expensive plunge into organics.
Multinational commodities firms Louis Dreyfus of France and Cargill of the United States, which are both major players in Brazil--the world's largest grower of oranges--have also acquired processing plants in the Sunshine State, the world's No.