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Synonyms for groveller

someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect

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But I am not a groveller and I respect the dead, wherever they come from.
However, at a truly massive 50-1, I cannot resist an interest in the David Evans-trained The Groveller.
For months he keeps his counsel, accepting neither food nor drink; speaking to no-one; spoken to by none save the Senior Groveller, whose envied duty it is to read to him each evening, in a voice modelled on that of the late John Snagge, the day's results and, of course, the comments of this paper's dedicated and highly-skilled team of racereaders.
GROVELLER Ramsay with this week's C-lister, Geri Halliwell
What is so hypocritical about Lord Elis-Thomas, he who in my opinion hastaken over from George Thomas as arch groveller, is that he wrote this in an obscure Plaid Cymru magazine that he thought nobody read, but thanks to your top reporter Martin Shipton it was spotted and now Lord ``Lickspit the second'' will have to decide whether he remains a Lord and Arch Groveller or become a true Welsh republican.
So what happened to the man who dreamed up Superknees (knee pads on wheels for the busy groveller on the go)?