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a thin mortar that can be poured and used to fill cracks in masonry or brickwork

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bind with grout

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Air testing the joint to ensure that it does not leak after the grout cures (typically 20-40 seconds in an 8-inch pipe).
The study reports on the performance of eight specific grouts representing live different types of grout.
Old or damaged grout makes the most beautiful tile look unappealing.
Grout is basically a hard filler that is used in the gaps between tiles.
Chemical grout is specifically designed to stop infiltration at pipe joints and laterals, and its use to seal laterals after lining is a cost-effective alternative.
Since its development in the early 1950s, chemical grout has been used to stop water movement through soils in mines, earthen dams, tunnels, and excavation sites.
However, pro opinions are changing, thanks to a new generation of user-friendly epoxy grouts.
Grout suppliers and manufacturers of related equipment such as cameras; packers; and TV, test, and seal vehicles maintain lists of customers -- both contractors and municipalities -- who use chemical grouts extensively.
Ulti-Grout develops strength faster than Portland-based grouts by a factor of 50 to 1.
Many people who could benefit from the proper use of chemical grouts do not use them because of misinformation.
One crew cleans the sewer with high pressure water, another crew installs the liner in the cleaned line, and the third crew grouts the installed liner in place.
said Daniel Magill, president, Avanti International, a leading provider of high-quality chemical grouts for sewers, storm drains, other underground structures and applications in a variety of industries.