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a thin mortar that can be poured and used to fill cracks in masonry or brickwork

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bind with grout

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Grout is the fundamental element to all that FoundOcean does: securing jackets, monopiles, gravity-based structures, and tripods to the seabed via foundation grouting; pipeline and j-tube grouted fabric formwork supports; strengthening flooded or degraded jacket members via member infilling; grouting repair clamps around damaged pipelines and jacket members; as well as a range of highly bespoke projects.
This type of remedial work is not uncommon in the oil and gas sector, and is a result of the cost/benefit analysis of one installation method over another: welded versus grouted pile/leg connections.
Remember not to walk on newly grouted floors, or get newly grouted wall tiles wet, until the grout's dry, which usually takes 24 hours.
Improperly installed or grouted base plates can compromise equipment reliability and cause future costly maintenance and more downtime.
Another of the advantages of chemical grouting is that the material used can be varied in composition to match the specific requirements of the pipes being grouted.
NPR grouted each basin in turn from north to south in the district, using three crews working in each of the basins.
Using a 3D model, studies were also performed to investigate the development of the grouted soil bulb around a leaking lateral joint--a typical bulb is shown in Figure 4.
Restoring leaking joints and cracks in concrete structures requires considering grouted soil mass around the joints and grout behavior within leaking cracks.
Holes were tremie grouted before inflating the packer at the top of the bedrock to prevent the formation of chimneys.
The outside row of primary holes were drilled and grouted first, followed by secondary holes on the outside row, followed by drilling and grouting of all holes on the inside row.
The tunnel was excavated behind a shield, the liner was erected immediately behind the shield, and the 40 mm annulus between the ground and liner was grouted with neat cement.
This is likely the result of ungrouted or unsuccessfully grouted tunnel annulus during the original tunneling.
Once the metal plate was removed from the box used for the demo, everything was hosed down, and attendees were able to see the grouted soil on the outside of the pipe.