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Such is the inviolable rite of the Egyptian Couch Grouser.
True enough, Mr Blair flew back into London after two weeks' absence late last night hoping that the Cabinet's very own Mr Grouser will come round and renew the beautiful partnership that blossomed in the salad days of the Prime Minister's Parliamentary career.
Track width should not be excessive in this type of application as grouser plates are inclined to bend at the ends, causing damage to the drive mechanism.
A Grouser, meanwhile, does two, while a Basic Brown does not even do one of the fourteen on a regular basis.
The track shoes incorporate a triple grouser design and single roller; and roller guides are used to extend service life for track shoes.
If the grouser is less than 1 1/2 inches, replace the shoe.
To ensure a solid footing, in most conditions, both single and double grouser shoes are available.
Harvester -- The Timbco T-415C with an 18-inch series 2000 four roller Fabtek head is a 200-hp tracked harvester with double grouser tracks.
Tenders are invited for Jcb Js 200 Hyp Excavator Em No 07q-3114qx Of 92 Rcc Sfar80x Assy 8 Sprocket, Chain Track Grouser 46 Link
Replace pads that are severely damaged or worn down to the grouser.
Boasting a heavier undercarriage, the FTX100 LGP offers both 16-and 20-track shoe options in single or triple grouser.
clinker breaker to gain access to the lower section of the grizzly to cut, weld, and install new grouser bars.
For less demanding applications than scrap metal, BLS itself markets rubber track pads, including the Artliner product that can be put into place on an existing grouser by tapping a pin into a locking clip.
To enhance durability in demolition applications, the 336D L can be equipped with heavy-duty triple grouser tack shoes for long wear and solid traction.