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decision making by a group (especially in a manner that discourages creativity or individual responsibility)

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To be sure, we ought to be cautious about using groupthink to interpret academic ideology in the humanities and social sciences.
The big danger is when this fear becomes such a drug that they go in search of anti-green evidence to feed their addiction - the BBC's chief environmental correspondent even flew to Midway in the middle of the Pacific looking for plastic bags as his fix, Hilary Benn is so consumed by this groupthink that he can't complete a sentence unless it contains at least one reference to climate change.
Janis introduced the concept of groupthink in his 1972 article, Groupthink: The Desperate Drive for Consensus at Any Cost.
It is testimony to the tyrannical groupthink now forcing the pace on this issue that John Howard should be criticised for taking a sceptical view of the theory of global warming.
Organizations containing homogeneous collections of employees are at risk of pitfalls such as groupthink, polarity, etc.
The perspectives--the rational actor model, cognition, domestic politics, groupthink, and government politics--are evaluated using evidence from August to November 1990 leading to the 1991 Persian Gulf War.
Author Irving Janis first described groupthink in 1971 as part of his ground-breaking study of the Kennedy Administration's conduct of the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion.
Can that image be extended to a business meeting experiencing groupthink over a hare-brained proposal supported by the boss or a majority of the group?
If you want my opinion, I need to not read the articles so I don't get caught in the groupthink.
In the end, Fjelstad challenged the audience to avoid groupthink and play devil's advocate even when--especially when--the other side of an argument claims to have the moral high ground.
Of course, conservative think tanks have no monopoly on ridiculous theories, sloppy research, agenda-driven reasoning, and pathological groupthink.
We discuss the relevant background literature and the strategy used to minimize groupthink and escalation of commitment issues often present in faculty decision-making.
This uncritical groupthink will destroy public education unless we wake up, form alliances and tell the public the truth.
There are a couple of ideas that network managers can use to insulate themselves from the groupthink that masquerades as cost-cutting, but can more accurately be termed opportunity-slashing.