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Synonyms for group

Synonyms for group

a number of individuals making up or considered a unit

a group of people sharing an interest, activity, or achievement

to distribute into groups according to kinds

Synonyms for group

(chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule

a set that is closed, associative, has an identity element and every element has an inverse

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Check to ensure that facilities and resources are adequate before groups are run.
Both affiliated groups use a calendar year as their tax year.
Encouraged by this call, faculty members in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) began assembling writing groups and organizing them by who was available at which times.
Tuckman--forming, storming, norming and performing in groups.
Based on data provided by the two companies and the American Council of Life Insurers, group UL/VUL accounts for only about one-fifteenth of 1% of the more than haft trillion dollars of premium collected by life insurers in the United States.
The differences corresponded to a 50% reduction in odds among women in the intervention groups (odds ratio, 0.
Just for example, physicians working in groups that pay 100 percent on production usually earn more than their peers working under compensation plans based less on individual productivity.
Fortunately, most skinhead groups are not well organized and lack the leadership structure found in the majority of street gangs engaged in "for-profit" criminal activities.
For example, peer supervision groups can provide support and encouragement to these trainees and may enhance their clinical skills and promote their personal and professional development (Wilbur, Roberts-Wilbur, Hart, Morris, & Betz, 1994).
Shneider, Roth, and Ennemoser (2000) compared the effects of intervention programs on groups of kindergarteners at-risk for dyslexia.
The earlier English Bluestockings were subversive groups of women who met to share and discuss novels, the arts, and social action.
I started the groups after working in a treatment center for teens with drug problems,'' Quashen said.
In contrast, small groups hold together through the return of favors between individuals and threats of punishment for selfish misdeeds.
The commentators explained that many consolidated groups centralize their hedging operations in a single entity or a small number of entities to create economies of scale, and net the risks of various business units for purposes of entering into positions with third parties to hedge the net exposures of the consolidated group.