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flesh of a saltwater fish similar to sea bass

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13, so the few days leading up to and after will be best in the opinions of many grouper experts.
Analysis of larval seasonal occurrence indicated longer spawning seasons than those identified in studies of adult groupers.
Little independent research exists on using episode groupers for measuring physician performance, and none on using them with Medicare data.
Blackfin at the wrecks, permit in the backcountry, mutton and grouper at the patch reefs closer to the islands--you hardly know which way to turn.
John Lee, CMIO of Edward Elmhurst, an integrated healthcare delivery system serving the state of Illinois, explained: "QPID Groupers for Epic has solved a problem for us, which is shared by our colleagues throughout the Epic user community: how to eliminate the ad hoc creation of clinical content and use of in-house clinical resources for a time-intensive process.
On the other hand, Knowledge Modern Technologies Company received technical operation license which allows the company to start production of grouper fish using the closed cycling system in Sur Industrial Area in the Governorate of South A'Sharqiyah at a cost of RO 2.
2011), that offshore habitats (depths of 15-25 m) may constitute better habitats for growth and reproduction of dusky groupers than inshore habitats (depths <5 m).
We suspected that the groupers created the habitat," Coleman said.
Existing episode groupers are proprietary software programs that organize an individual's claims into clinical episodes of care.
Total monthly catch and relative abundance (catch-per-unit-effort) declined significantly in several species, including the most valuable species, the Napoleon wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus, estimated changes of-98 and -78% over 8 years in catch and relative abundance, respectively) and lower-value bluelined groupers (Plectropomus oligocanthus: -99 and -81%) and Epinephelus groupers (-89 and -32%).
Caption: GROUPER DYNAMICS--Nassau groupers (above) are large, delicious, and easy to catch when they aggregate by the thousands to spawn on coral reefs in the Caribbean.
Stoplight parrotfish hung motionless, as did Nassau groupers, some tame enough to pet.
One method of developing this knowledge is through modeling risk and utilization based on existing technologies such as diagnostic cost-groupers, episode treatment groupers and utilization-cost metrics to create a Risk/Utilization Transition Model.
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