group therapy

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psychotherapy in which a small group of individuals meet with a therapist

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This year in particular I'm super excited that the Mayor's team has selected Anthony Brown & group therAPy to be the headliner.
Despite the suggestion that group therapy can be an effective intervention in the South African context, several researchers have noted the paucity of the literature concerned with group therapy in the South African context (Mundell et al.
Polusny of the Minneapolis VA Medical Center and her associates randomly assigned 116 veterans with PTSD to one of two treatment groups: 58 to mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy (MBSR) and 58 to patient-centered group therapy (PCT), each delivered in nine weekly group sessions (JAMA.
Group therapy sessions for cancer patients are also to be offered to help sufferers exchange experiences, which will help them deal with the psychological effects of diagnosis.
My own doctoral research in counseling psychology studied the use of the sweat lodge ceremony as group therapy for Navajo youth with disruptive behavior disorders.
The authors, in response to their findings of the review, present their trial work of Interpretive Group Therapy and Supportive Group Therapy, identifying strong effect sizes among participants who have been recruited into the study based on severity of CG symptoms.
Supportive group therapy may help tackle lack of self-esteem or confidence or an addiction.
He described having 'Dubai' played on Group Therapy as a "milestone".
Results showed that factors influencing the therapeutic process and that were related to the different responses to group therapy included the onset age of sexual abuse; the form of abuse; the perception of the experience in the care institution; criminalization of the offender; and persistence of guilt when faced with stress inoculation techniques.
If a local private social worker manages to find approval with medical aid funds, group therapy can be done at a fraction of the cost of conventional clinical therapy.
The essays are organized into five thematic sections on prenatal and neonatal experiences of groups, couples and families, technique and application of self-psychology in group therapy, working with trauma, and artistic application in group processes.
This project provides a comprehensive overview of the research literature on anorexia nervosa in female adults and concludes by offering 14 group therapy lesson plans for anorexia nervosa that therapists may use in their practice.
This article considers the use of group therapy to explore sexual identity questions in light of religious beliefs and values.
Group Therapy looks the solution in the Violet And Eddie Smith Memorial Conditions Stakes (4.
Having said Medicean Man will get the strong pace he needs at this trip with Captain Dunne and the fast two-year-old Bear Behind drawn nearby, at the prices I would much rather side with the proven Pattern form of Group Therapy, for whom Jamie Spencer is a very good booking.