group theory

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the branch of mathematics dealing with groups

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Reference group theory has also been used at an organizational level of analysis, for example to predict that firms will make changes when performance falls short of an aspiration level determined by comparison with a reference group (Greve 1998; Massini et al.
Third, standpoint theory contributes to the intellectual foundation of co-cultural research by adding nuance to the picture of power and culture painted in broad strokes by muted group theory.
To accomplish this record, they used seven terabytes of distributed disk as an extension to RAM, in order to hold some large tables, and developed a new, "faster faster" way of computing moves--and even whole groups of moves--by using mathematical group theory.
The "Journal of Modern Dynamics" covers the theory of dynamical systems with an emphasis on the mutual interaction between dynamics and other major areas of mathematical research, including number theory, differential geometry, quantum chaos, geometric group theory and harmonic analysis.
A second, circa 1820, was the discovery of group theory by the young French mathematician Galois.
In group theory, we know the following decomposition results( [1] and [3] ) for a group.
Although interest group theory may provide, at least in part, a reasonable explanation for the size of government, it is not without its theoretical and empirical challenges.
in Organization Behavior from Kent State University and has taught numerous graduate and undergraduate courses in Psychology, Communication, Business Administration and interpersonal and Small Group Theory.
It's titled Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege, and Success (Currency/Doubleday; $29.
Group theory properly ought to be a branch of democratic theory and deal with the problem of distortions caused by "special" interests.
Single group theory assumes that all diffusion and absorption of neutrons occur in a single energy state, i.
This interest group theory of central bank independence has some plausibility, but it has also to explain why politicians cannot accomplish the same objective through other commitment devices such as indexing.
Many communication researchers use bona fide group theory, which is compatible with a broad constructivist approach.
A series of papers with Jack Watchman, such as (22), had the purpose to explore, by application of group theory, the symmetry of possible paths by which point defects could move around a special crystal site or with freedom in 1, 2, or 3 dimensions of a given crystal structure on overcoming distinct energy barriers.
To date, peer influence has been examined largely through the lens of reference group theory and its corresponding socialization component.