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participation by all members of a group

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Within the context of increasing levels of violence and security threat group participation in Ohio prisons, it appears the nature of the relationship between STG affiliation and prison misconduct may be changing.
Despiteforecasts of a cooling Chinese real estate market due to strict government control measures, Shanghai Spring has exceeded all expectations in both domestic and overseas realty group participation.
Written for museum professionals, this volume describes a method for encouraging group participation at interactive science museum exhibits, and reports findings from a research study conducted at the Exploratorium, a science museum in San Francisco.
Consideration of whether to provide food as an incentive for focus group participation must be addressed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all the factual circumstances and the particular statutory objective the agency is trying to achieve.
The firm has a sister company that runs shows in Kazhakistan and Central Asia and organizes Turkish group participation at international exhibitions, mainly in Dubai.
The agent's attributes are: its level, the genetic inheritance, the skill and the group participation quota.
This is a book that focuses upon larger-scale projects requiring group participation.
Local instructors will demonstrate various tai chi styles and lead low-impact group participation sessions at the park, Lincoln and Cheshire streets.
Julie is an enthusiastic participant in the group and has demonstrated progression in terms of increasing vocabulary, using word signs and images, expressing choice and group participation.
Thus, it was only through collaboration with faculty that we were able to design three library sessions that covered all of the instructors' course objectives--including group participation and an emphasis on thinking critically about information.
Initial findings from the quantative and qualitative data suggest that self-help group participation has an impact on intrapersonal, interpersonal and community/political empowerment.
The discussion questions encourage group participation, and the highlighted law vocabulary could be extracted easily and used for testing purposes.
Use the games described in this book to foster group participation, active learning, and the flexibility to deal with the unexpected.
Simplify Your Spiritual Life' - which features a study guide for small group participation - is available from LifeWay Christian Stores or online at http://www.
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