group dynamics

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the branch of social psychology that studies the psychodynamics of interaction in social groups

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Understanding group dynamics can help estimators transform personnel from simply a collection of individuals into a high-functioning group that informs, rather than swarms, decision makers.
As the powerful, if ominous, group dynamic gains momentum and the number of participants multiplies to include half the student body, a handful of students try in vain to stop it.
The artist is painting energy and motion, the group dynamic of a community, laughing, gesturing, mingling.
Some of the topics discussed included religion and state, where the world of the sacred was viewed alongside the world of democracy and freedom; African history, with a discussion on Pan-Africanism and Afro-mundialism; and group dynamics including lobbying techniques, advocacy, fundraising and dealing with the media.
The focus is upon making a commitment to the group and developing group dynamics, because at the end of the 12 sessions, it is the people in the circle who approve the loan for their peers, not the bank.
Not "Traffic," the exhibition curated by Bourriaud at the capcMusee d'Art Contemporain Bordeaux in 1996 that is considered the ground zero of relational aesthetics, but traffic--the complex mix of persons and vehicles typically found in urban centers--and the way its interactions reflect the values a community places on group dynamics and self-determination.
And it's all too easy to replicate that aspect of group dynamics unless we internalize some principle of nonduality into our very concept of justice.
Her understanding of interpersonal and group dynamics greatly enhances her coaching skills.
The end result is a project that is completed more quickly and efficiently, without the delays due to group dynamics.
Mobility and mental alertness are big factors in the group dynamics," he notes.
Building group dynamics by learning when and how to lead and follow
At the highest levels of leadership, your effectiveness will be measured by how well you facilitate group dynamics so a strategic direction emerges collaboratively, and how well you inspire and coach others to move forward with enthusiasm.
It was exciting to watch the group dynamics last year during and after the 2003 Skills Competition--leaders identified tasks and corrective actions and team members immediately responded.
The judges have picked a Cardiff couple who will shake-up the group dynamics - it will certainly make for interesting viewing
Relationships: Working with groups of young people taught me immeasurable lessons about the importance of group dynamics, cooperation, and collaboration.