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k](A) be a group action of a group G on the k-algebra A.
Billhar Singh Uppal, of specialist Nottingham law firm Uppal Taylor, said: "The group action is forming well and could give rise to substantial damages.
SCORES of people who lost their jobs or were forced out of their homes after the huge Buncefield oil blaze have launched a group action for compensation,.
Once focus areas are identified with their clinical and university supervisors, the interns then gather data from their experiences by collecting data from a variety of sources and keeping a reflective journal of their actions and observations, which form the basis of the personal and group action research.
the homosexual lobby group EGALE (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere), the lesbian-headed group Action Canada for Population and Development, the feminist-led Native Women's Association of Canada, and ARC International, a homosexual organization, among Foreign Affairs officials.
Ten thousand Americans a year--nearly 30 a day--die from asbestos-related diseases, and deaths caused by asbestos exposure are expected to reach up to 100,000 over the next decade, according to a recent study by the Environmental Working Group Action Fund.
Like Emerson, Thoreau, and other American idealists whom he admires, Duberman's radical individualism makes it difficult for him to sustain for very long the commitments to group action which class-based liberalism requires.
On Monday, the students listened and watched as Cary Quashen, head of the parent and teen support group ACTION, spoke of lives ruined due to drugs and alcohol abuse, then resurrected after the user kicked the habit.
But an important insight to be gained from Drury's report is that, when it comes to the health benefits of group action, community involvement is the driving force, whether it is a local or global community and whether the motivation is secular or religious.
The workshop book: from individual creativity to group action.
The airlines made the claims in defence of a group action by air travellers who claim to have suffered DVT as a result of flying.
Her case formed part of a legal group action brought against the NHS Litigation Authority by those who claim they were used as guinea pigs.
The watchdog group Action on Smoking and Health, accuses the tobacco giants of "encouraging children and young people to use a product containing nicotine.
As Paul Samuelson put it in my old econ textbook (1976 edition, emphasis in the original), "Wherever there are externalities, a strong case can be made for supplanting complete individualism by some kind of group action.
12) In contrast to Charles Tilly, whose statistical studies of protest in France are one of Giesselmann's principal targets for revision, his study is not limited to outbreaks involving group action.
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