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the blood group whose red cells carry neither the A nor B antigens


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Following a comprehensive demonstration and proof of concept of the OpenSpan solutions, Group O selected OpenSpan to move forward with its contact center project, and deployed the solution within a ten-week timeframe.
Using OpenSpan desktop automation, Group O has realized performance improvements related to AHT, quality and customer satisfaction scores.
Business process outsourcers like Group O are always seeking ways to differentiate their service and performance," said Eric Musser, chief executive officer at OpenSpan.
38 times in people belonging to blood group O as compared to those having other blood groups.
Further research proposed that people belonging to blood group O might be producing a greater amount of hydrochloric acid which could be a cause of duodenal ulcer in future.
It was concluded that denser colonization of epithelial cells and increased inflammatory reactions as a result of bacterial binding in group O people might be one reason that this population is more prone.
The findings of an Iraqi study showed higher frequency of peptic ulcers in group O people.
This might be one of the reasons why blood group O is more susceptible to ulcers.
Kronos HR and payroll enabled Group O to scale from less than 400 employees to more than 1,000 employees without overwhelming its HR department, allowing them to be more productive and strategic.
Kim Fox, vice president of human resources, Group O "Kronos was the only vendor who could provide us with a truly integrated workforce management solution.
With Kronos, Group O is controlling labor costs, minimizing compliance risk, and improving productivity.
Milan, IL-based Group O is one of North America's largest Hispanic-owned providers of third party logistics (3PL) and business process outsourcing solutions in marketing, packaging and supply chain.