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Synonyms for groundwork

Synonyms for groundwork

that on which something immaterial, such as an argument or a charge, rests

Synonyms for groundwork

the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or developed or calculated or explained

preliminary preparation as a basis or foundation

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In the past decade GroundWorks has premiered 41 new works.
Open music structures aren't the only nontraditional ones GroundWorks has been exploring.
As for GroundWorks in the next decade, Shimotakahara says he wants to establish the company's presence outside of northeast Ohio.
Groundwork Middlesbrough, soon to be Groundwork South Tees, worked with pupils aged from three to seven and teachers - surveying play grounds, leading sensory walks and finding out what pupils want to see on the school site in future.
Groundwork is also focused on creating jobs by working in partnership with local people in the voluntary, statutory and private sectors.
In order to make that work we need directly elected chief executives of unitary local authorities, if we are really going to take the enthusiasm on what Groundwork has, on a small scale, proved to be there.
Groundwork was praised at the conference at Birmingham's Burlington Hotel for playing a vital role in breathing new life into deprived communities by housing minister Lord Falconer.
I want to see Groundwork sharing its experiences of what works best and it must become better at sharing best practice so that other people can benefit,' he said.
In an industry first, L-3's GroundWorks product line leverages proven TT&C capabilities into a suite of interoperable ground system products suited for all phases of satellite deployment.
We developed our GroundWorks strategy in anticipation of the increased cost, delivery and performance pressures placed on today's satellite builders and integrators," said Mike Jones, L-3 T&I space business development manager.
GroundWorks solutions are built on UNIX and PC platforms and can be used for a host of applications, including satellite command and control, mission/payload data handling and space link processing and routing.
To lure new audiences to serious contemporary dance, GroundWorks Dancetheater of Cleveland stages performances in alternative spaces of historic and architectural interest throughout northeastern Ohio.
Because GroundWorks, founded in 1998, is still in the early stages of building a repertoire, none of its dances are site-specific.
and GroundWorks are trademarks and Terrain is a registered trademark of Cayenne Software, Inc.