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underground water that is held in the soil and in pervious rocks

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As a result, the dependence on groundwater is increasing day by day.
The roadmap was based on the experts' recommendations summarised in the inclusion of groundwater governance in the Arab region and the outcome of the Bahrain Expert Meeting as part of the operational plan of the Arab Water Security Strategy, the development of working mechanisms to implement the outcomes of the Expert Meeting on Groundwater Governance (Manama, 2-4 October 2017), and to communicate with the various relevant authorities and networks to involve them in this program.
Data of groundwater levels and quality is being collected twice in a year (pre-monsoon and post-monsoon) by the field offices.
The EAD has said that it plans on reducing groundwater use by 80 per cent in forestry by 2030, citing a deterioration in groundwater use in both quality and availability.
In most wells, depth to groundwater has exceeded that of the same or nearby wells in the 2007-2009 drought, and exceeds the depths recorded in the mid-20th century, prior to local, state and federal water projects (reservoirs and canals) coming on-line.
For many decades, the water supply requirements of the Albuquerque metropolitan area in central New Mexico were met almost exclusively by groundwater withdrawal from the Santa Fe Group aquifer system.
DEaA[micro]ll has come to the conclusion that the rate at which groundwater reservoirs are being depleted is increasing, but that the rate is not as high as previously estimated.
This Article considers the deeper issue that confronted the Texas Supreme Court, and that has confronted other courts across the country: how should the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment, and parallel clauses of state constitutions, apply to groundwater use regulation?
6) for the year 2006 which regulates the drilling of groundwater wells and other related activities in the emirate.
The Upper Lee groundwater body is located within the Thames River Basin District, and has a total catchment area of 628.
Much of California depends upon groundwater to augment meager surface water resources.
Groundwater flows slowly to the surface, discharging in the form of springs, streams and wetlands (or in deserts, oases) in a continuous, integral cycle between the surface water and aquifers.
LANCASTER -- A $4 million payment is being proposed to settle conflicts between state water regulators and sanitation district officials in Lancaster and Palmdale over whether enough progress is being made with orders to keep sewage off Air Force property and to clean up nitrates in groundwater.
I've been involved in the environmental field for almost 20 years and have yet to hear of any fish being caught in groundwater.
Another issue Townsend sees rising for C&D landfills is groundwater contamination, especially from the many unlined landfills around the country.