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the speed of an aircraft relative to the ground

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Checking our groundspeed and distance to go, even I could see it would be close, but we pressed on.
Each crew member in the Prowler has access to an airspeed-indicator gauge and also a separate groundspeed reading.
As I begin my last inbound leg, I am indicating 240 knots groundspeed, which equates to four miles a minute.
The MX20 continuously monitors the aircraft's altitude, current position, groundspeed and route of flight and compares this data to a built-in database of terrain elevation.
During my copilot's autorotations, I was uncomfortable because of the late, nose-high attitude he used to arrest groundspeed on each one.
I saw 100 knots groundspeed (KGS) passing the 5 board, 80 at the 4 board, and 55 at the 3 board (all below our SOP mandatory "go around" wickets of 100 KCAS at the 4 board, or 80 KCAS at the 3 board).
The instructor navigator on board verified the airspeed indicators were indeed erroneous when compared to Global Positioning System (GPS) groundspeed and true airspeed converted to indicate airspeed.
Rather than using needle pointers, the gauges feature a small, gear-driven, trolley scored with indicator lines that rides around the inside of the bezel matching the rpms and groundspeed.
Our GPS had not worked for the entire flight, which limited our ability to accurately gauge groundspeed.
You spent a considerable amount of time planning your sortie while your groundspeed was zero.
Garmin's patented Panel Page on the aera 796 offers a backup solution to the instrument panel with its exclusive display of GPS-derived panel information, including track indication, GPS altitude, groundspeed, vertical speed and turn indication.
The Panel Page depicts GPS-derived groundspeed, altitude, turn rate, course, heading, and vertical speed in a presentation similar to an Electronic Flight Information System.
Pilots can also navigate with Garmin's patented Panel Page, a GPS-derived instrument pack that displays a graphical HSI directional display and indicators for groundspeed, altitude and vertical speed.
With the wind on the nose at 15 knots and gusting to 27, and groundspeed barely over (no wind) translational lift, the flow over the wing--the sum of wind and ground speed--could be near 50 knots.